Recreate & Refresh the Moment Again with Wall Hanging Photo Frame

Now, instead of replaying your favorite memories all over again in your head, you can actually just hang them up in adorable photo frames on the wall.

Don’t we all keep reminiscing about the good times over and over again? Well, now you can visually partake in your blessings through wall hanging photo frames. These are unique and stylishly crafted by Love-KANKEI, they blend along with any stunning home décor themes.

wall hanging photo frames

Flamboyant Kitchen:

Recipe books are so passé, incorporate hanging photo display of all your favorite recipes in the kitchen. Take a picture of the decadent meals cooked and jot down the recipe at the back of the photo, then hang them on a multi-picture frame like an artwork. This innovative idea can be applied for the daily menu or diet routine that you follow. Stay motivated towards a healthy way of eating with visual exhibits of a food lifestyle.

Mood/Motivational Board:

How often do we dream of achieving meaningful goals in life? This can be manifested through a photo mood/motivational board. The larger than life collage picture frames will accommodate all of your life goals in one place. You can hang your travel pictures from your favorite vacation for motivating you to take the road less traveled again. Family events can be highlighted and celebrated; the colorful collage of your loved ones will be an instant mood transformer. You can put up your future goals in a visible view and work towards making it a reality.

Picture Headboard:

Picture headboards are not just for teen bedrooms, but adults too can re-decorate their leisure space with a stunning photo frame wall design layout idea. You can mark major events like a calendar with a photo display, embellish it out with fairy lights and craft a dazzling background for starry nights. Your wedding memories hanging for a romantic ambiance, cozy family pictures of your kids growing up, random clicks that would otherwise stay buried in an attic, pet photographs, maybe even the family lineage.

shadow box picture frame

Teach the Kids:

An easy way to let kids learn is through visual memory, display their favorite memories on the wall or you can even let them learn in a fun way with hanging pictures on the wall with the pictures of their favorite animals, birds, fruits and other items. This will enhance their cognitive skills and also enable them to be avid learners. You can also organize an adventurous DIY party where you allow the kids to choose their own pictures and clip them these wooden frames.

wall mounted family letter frame

Love-KANKEI even boosts of box frames that can store mementos and other memorabilia of your loved ones, pets and even items that are dear to you. Now, fashion nostalgic corners in your house to refresh unforgettable moments once again.

These wooden frames can fit in horizontally and vertically on any wall. Effortlessly liven up your office space too with family and business event pictures, for the ones who love chic, order one of these frames straight away. The uniqueness lies in their fancy clips, which allow you to switch up the photos on display according to your mood, season and style.

In this age of sophisticated technology, wall hanging photo frames still touch our hearts and Love-KANKEI makes them even special.

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