Amplify the Aura of Your Home with Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Good vibes are infectious, especially in a house that vibrates with uncluttered spaces. To make sure you maintain the sanity of your living spaces invests in practical accessories while re-decorating.

wall mounted shelves

There is always an energy field surrounding your house that comprises of your own personal vibes. Sometimes when you enter a particular space you can almost feel the elevation of your senses to either negative or positive ambiance. There is a good reason to believe that cluttered corners, broken items, unwanted stuff lying around the house block affirmative energy. You need to immediately perform a full cleaning of your living space to get back into the groove.

Soothing Entryway/Passageway:

The basic energy fields are the entry and exit points of the house, to recreate a stunning entryway all you need is basic accessories. A tall vintage mirror can reflect light and set the mood at the entrance if your entrance is not that grand then mount rustic wall shelves to add a touch of elegance. You can put a decorative mirror on these wooden shelves combined with attractive art and a fresh vase of flowers to create a positive ambiance. An excellent way to keep the passageways spanking new and smelling gorgeous is by adding floating shelves on the wall, place automatic perfume dispensers on these shelves for instant aromatherapy.

Setting the mood in the Bedroom:

wall mounted corner shelves

A bedroom is the rejuvenating zones, keep the space minimal and tasteful choice of furniture. Avoid cluttering your resting space with unwanted items, set the mood by installing wall mounted corner shelves for incense burner. Burning incense has been long associated with cleansing the aura, you can kick back and recharge your energy as you lounge on the bed after a long day. Put on some meditation audio, burn the incense sticks and cleanse your chakras. Corner shelving is ideal for being out of sight and yet retaining all your Feng Shui items in a single spot.

Retaining the Ambience in the Bathroom:

Bathrooms need not be a warzone of wet items lying around; installing creative bathroom shelves will save space as well as time while cleaning. Modern shelving allows you to store away your bath essentials, dry and wet towels, spa items without much fuss. Things smell Zen with aromatic candles and fragrance dispensers fitting perfectly on the vintage wooden shelves. You can also rearrange items according to his/her with separate shelves on the wall, morning routines will be effortless because now no mixing up your beauty products with the shaving kit.

wall mounted bathroom shelves

Love-KANKEI has a range of wooden shelves to choose from, so now it’s not just one room that gets the facelift but the whole house. Your kitchen too can be styled into a contemporary zone with rustic looking spice racks that come with extra hooks to hold all the daily items. A library is an excellent idea for a cozy outdoor reading nook in your balcony, porch or terrace.

These trendy looking shelves can become the eccentric book shelve that you always dreamt of. There are no full stops to creative decorating with home Love-KANKEI décor accessories, you can mix and match these wooden shelves according to your style and fashion. Now amplify the aura of your home and keep your guest coming back to enjoy your positive space as much as you do.



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