Photo Framing Options to Keep Your Memories Alive Forever

Memories are the true essence of life, we hold on to them tight after experiencing a loss, pain or simply happy moments. Photo framing these lively life events brings hope and also a way to connect with the younger generation. There are many pretty options of creating, an everlasting impression with picture frames. We have curated some elegant and timeless ways to mark special moments in life.

wall hanging photo frames

Memorial framing is the latest trend to remember a loved one even after they are gone. There is always deep pain involved with the passing of a special one or even a beloved pet. We can still be genuinely connected to their presence by preserving their pictures, memorabilia’s, piece of cloth, letters and other souvenirs in a shadow box picture frame.

You can even DIY messages on the wooden frame like ‘Miss You’ or ‘Lovingly Remembered’ with paint. In this way, you not only keep their memory alive but also move on from the grief. It is also an excellent choice to gift it to someone who has just faced loss personally, this way they will find solace.

shadow box photo frames

Deck up the bare walls with wall hanging photo frames, you could be a nature lover, travel enthusiast or even an amateur photographer. Give wings to your inner expressions and make a wall gallery for friends and family to admire. Create a focal point on a feature wall, or simply re-decorate your entertainment area with large photo frames. Wooden hanging picture frames give a rustic ambiance in the dining room as well, they make for great conversation starters. A family gallery in the hallway depicting special life events is a fun way to flaunt your family tree.

wall decorative wooden photo frames

The vanity, laundry and the powder rooms are normally left with a bland taste of accessories. Brighten your mornings with inspirational and motivational quotes hung on the wall with wood picture photo frame. The ring in a positive ambiance and will get you all charged up to conquer the day. Funny mom quotes, kids paintings and family pictures can adorn the laundry room to bring in the humor.

Get creative in the children's bedroom by hanging their painted pictures and scribbling from school. Embellish the area with fairy lights and glow in the dark stickers, chronicle their achievements on the wall and let them know that you feel proud. The master bedroom can get a new gallery wall as the headboard, arranging pictures of different shapes or frames with the same dimension will create an oomph factor in the boudoir lounge are too. Get nostalgic by framing wedding pictures for a feature wall in your living space, make it a romantic nook to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Love-KANKEI allows you to keep up with your photo obsession with their minimalist yet eccentric hanging photo frames. Now do not compromise on the beauty of your walls by driving nails into it, these picture frames are the contemporary way to hang on to memories. This multi-dimensional gallery frame gives off driftwood vibes and can be an excellent way to show off beach photos too, bedeck your balcony lounge space for the summer-like atmosphere. Introduce a pop of color in your office space too with these effortless and chic photo frames. These snapshot frame designs are an exceptional way to keep your memories alive forever.


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