Tired with Unsystematic Placement of Jewelry? Shop Tree Jewelry Holder!

How long are you going to cramp all of your precious jewelry in drawers and cabinets? We don’t even care to put them in soft casings, no wonder there are lost earring pieces and tangled necklaces.

Jewelry tree

Be mindful of the delicate jewelry collection that you adore so much while dressing yourself up for glamorous events. Now we have the ideal solution to store them in one piece with Love-KANKEI’s tree jewelry holders. We know you would very much love to make your own jewelry stand, but these are long-lasting, lightweight and designed from rust-free metal.

Not Just a Female Jewelry Stand:

Of course, you can hang in all of your favorite pieces at once on these sturdy stands, but these are an excellent option for watches too. Have pairs of luxury watches that need an eye-catching display in your wardrobe? Then these three-tiered jewelry tree are ideal to show off your enviable choices. You can now have his/her jewelry space in the wardrobe without having to argue about a misplaced pair anymore. Gift this set for the man in your life and watch the glow on his face with pride. He can also put all of his rings and cuffs at the bottom base in a chic organized way.

jewelry stand

Cute Hangout for Teens:

Teenage is when one goes through a riot of emotions and so does the jewelry collection. A wall-mounted wooden jewelry holder is just the right thing for your fashionable teen daughter or son. It can hold multiple necklace sets, statement pieces, rings, sunglasses, and tones of earrings. Plus the bonus sixteen hooks at the bottom can store bracelets too, a bohemian feel can be created with these stands. They can also be hanged on a featured wall as an art exhibit of your collection. If you are a fan of eccentric fashion, then mount them in the entryway for a classic rustic display.

wooden jewelry stand

A safe for gems:

Precious stones and gems need extra love and care, you can wrap them up in velvet cloth and place them in the specially fashioned bottom drawer of these love jewelry organizers. They come with a unique shape, the drawer is flannel laid for extra comfort, grip, scratch proof, and effortless cushion. It also has tiny holes to hang out your earrings, now no more broken pieces. It will also stunningly hold your makeup and ultimate vanity kit for your morning routines. Place them in the bathroom or closet for elegant access while dressing up.

Love-KANKEI jewelry holders keep your collection looking shiny new even after multiple wears. They are easy to clean and maintain, you can even include them as part of your long travel plans. They can be placed in any corner of the house due to their 360-degree rotatable handles, so now display to your heart out without worrying about storage.

A thoughtful and touchable gift for the woman in your life, why not hold a surprise proposal while you charm her with Love-KANKEI jewelry holder!



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