What is the Love-KANKEI Bonus Point?

The bonus point will be exclusively available in Love-KANKEI. After placed, reviewed,completed orders, or any other related activities held by Love-KANEKI, the bonus point will be rewarded to your account. When the bonus point is released to your account, it will be expired after one year since this day by automatically. The bonus point can be accumulated and used in order of expiry date. All the rights related to bonus point belong to Love-KANKEI. 

How to use the Bonus Point?

1. To exchange product

 Every 100 bonus point can be valuable as  $1 coupon, each order can add up to use bonus points to replace 70% order sum.

2. Become Love-KANKEI registered members and enjoy privileges & services below:

  • 1).Birthday special discount or gift
  • 2).Exclusive member discount or gift
  • 3).Activities participation priorities include but not limit to trial, pre-sell, discount in limited time, etc
  • 4).More privileges are on the way, keep notification of our subscribed newsletter

How to access the Bonus Point?

Go directly to click the "Bonus Point" button on this website bottom left corner, after click the button, follow the step of the dashboard then you can access. 

How to get the Bonus Point?

Register  100
Complete profile  100
Purchased   $1 will be equal to 1 point within each order sum
Refer a friend  500
Follow on Twitter  100
Only words review  50
Words with photo review   100
Share review on Facebook  Extra 20 
Share product on Social Media
Facebook  20
Instagram  15
Twitter   15
Pinterest  10

Note: Review or share need to be confirmed by Staff. When review or share is being done by you, a notification email will be sent to Staff mailbox, once be
verified, the bonus point will be active in your account ASAP.