Wooden Jewelry Stand- A Solution To Resolve The Jewelry Space

Dressing up is an enjoyable routine and so are your accessories, to make an outfit look perfect you need the right jewelry to match. But what happens when you lose out on a precious pair or find a damaged necklace when you open the drawer?

The trendiest of solutions are available for preserving jewelry collections, you might have heard of velvet linings, soft cushioned drawers, and jewelry boxes. But these are traditional styles, try something millennial with wooden jewelry tree organizer. Not only an exquisite design keyed to fit in into any space, but also multi-purpose for daily use.

Mantle Piece:

Why enhance the glory of your large mantle with only pictures? A jewelry tree stand is an excellent way to elevate the aura with luxurious vibes. Place the wooden stand on the mantle with all of your collection, maybe you could add more stands with color co-ordinated jewelry of unique kinds. This can make it look like a work of art and decorative piece at the same time.

Valentine Gift:

Every woman loves to be pampered, why not gift the lady of your life with a delicate jewelry stand? The features on the wooden stand are made to accommodate multiple pieces at a time, she can even put all of her earrings in one place, bracelets at the bottom pocket of the stand and so much more. Imagine her being excited to get up in the morning and try out various pieces while dressing up, you have already made her day!

Carry your Vanity:

Your earring tree stand  could be your forever travel partner because of its amazingly lightweight body. The metal bars are evenly spaced and just the right length to fit into any travel case. If you are planning on going out for a long vacation, then these tree stands are a great idea to keep your jewelry untangled while at your fun destination.

Allows you to Hoard:

Living in tiny spaces can sometimes make you stingy about purchasing new jewels. These necklace tree stands  are uniquely made to let you hoard on all your favorite necklace designs. Now without compromising on your fashion style, you can go on a shopping spree and end up bargaining for more. The rods on the stand are rust-free and coated with enamel to perfection. The three tiers are placed apart and at different lengths to allow a multi-purpose display. Also, the bonus pockets at the bottom carved into the wooden base are like secret compartments for rings and other accessories like pretty broach collection.

Love-KANKEI jewelry tree stands are the faultless union of modern and traditional, they come in two exceptional colors. For grunge or gothic look you can place the black color stand as an interior masterpiece on your bedroom night tables. If you prefer the farmhouse or subtle dollhouse vibes then the white jewelry stand is ideal.

Create a focal point with some of your eclectic collection if you lack the whole feature wall thing in your room. Jewelry stands as the centerpiece on a large wooden table in the living room too gives off a stunning ambiance. Combine the skill of dramatic minimalist styling and depth of contrast in your vanity with these in the budget buys from Love-KANKEI this Love season.

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