Modify Your Boring Corner Space by Leaf Designer 5 Tier Shelves

Do you feel something missing in your room even if the walls are perfectly decorated? Are your wall shelves overflowing with items and you still have many décor items to showcase but not enough space? If the answers to the above questions are ‘yes’, you are really in need of redecoration of the room by a proper organization of your items on the shelves. To make way for easy organization of your showpieces and important items while creating a chic statement, Love-KANKEI brings you the 5-tiered corner shelves with leaf pattern.  

wall mounted shelves

Beauty Meets Convenience at the Corner

The wall-mounted floating shelves are always stunning to look at because they take less space and you can keep things in such a way that it looks as if those are hanging on the wall. Just like other wall-mounted shelves, this corner shelf maximizes the space of the room while making it convenient to store more items on the wall. There is 10.2 inches space between each of the five tiers while the overall length, width, and height are 7.9 inches, 7.9 inches, and 51 inches respectively. The metal leaf pattern adds a natural aestheticism to your room while the curved zigzag design adds uniqueness.     

Wall corner shelves

Sturdy Material Serving For A Lifetime

Be it for bedroom or living room, kitchen or bathroom, study room or doorway –the 5 tier corner shelf makes way for practical usage for a prolonged time, thanks to the sturdy Paulownia wooden boards and powder-coated metal frame brackets that prevent rust formation. While the torched finish texture gives a rustic look to the solid wooden boards, the versatile metal leaf pattern offers a minimalist look to the frame that holds up to 40lbs. So, heavy-duty items, as well as delicate items both, can be kept in the shelves without worrying about the shelf getting unscrewed from the wall or the wooden boards breaking.

Organizing Essentials And Showpieces Was Never More Easier

The wall-mounted corner shelf can hold your daily-use essentials, decorative showpieces, heavy indoor potted plants, and lightweight soft toys at the same time. Keep the spice jars, glass bottles and fancy cutlery or crockery at the kitchen or stationary and electronic accessories like chargers and mini sound system at the bedroom and study, beauty and healthcare accessories at the bathroom or photo frames, books, toys, sculptures and other décor pieces at the living room. With five racks, there will hardly be any shortage of space for proper organization of the items.  

wall corner shelves

Room Corners Will Never Be Underrated

As a matter of fact, the corners of any room are the most underrated parts because every house owner concentrates on decorating the walls and ceilings. As you install the rustic floating corner shelf, you create a focal point at the corner of any room that any guest will be intrigued to notice and the homeowners will be happy to utilize for keeping items without cluttering them or taking too much of space in any room.

Too much clutter is never soothing to the eyes of the onlookers and it also creates the difficulty of concentrating on all the showpieces. The wall-mounted corner shelf is easy to install with the screws, wall plug, five wooden boards and six frames included in the package.   


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