How to Improvise the Kitchen Space with Some Useful Tips

When you look around for remodeling ideas for the kitchen it becomes imperative that you add more storage space.

The kitchen being the soul of the house requires unique touches with the interior to accommodate the family and the functionality. You cannot obviously dream about having a large area for cooking in city apartments. For them, we have the perfect plan to start with on how to maximize the space and minimize the clutter.

Reclaiming the Fridge Area:

A large fridge almost takes up all the space in the kitchen, an easy way to reclaim is by adding wall-mounted pantry shelves on top of the fridge. All of your daily spice bottles, jams, pickles, pet, and kids’ treats can be stored comfortably on these compact wooden shelves. Some unused appliances too can take up that space on the wall leaving the lower cabinets free for more storage.

Rich wood Elongation:

The wall towards the ceiling remains untouched, but if you have installed wooden cabinets then higher the stakes with wooden wall shelving. This will produce symmetry in the design and give a rustic ambiance to the cooking space. The shelves will serve as an extension to the cabinets for storage purposes if you have a large family. It will also create an illusion of making the kitchen look airy rather than cramped.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island:

There is hardly any legroom for a dining table in condos that are close to the city, an intelligent hack for this is converting your kitchen island into storage cum dining space. Install a modern extendable table under the island for adequate seating while hosting your family and friends. Simply investing in three-tier serving stand will keep the countertops free from numerous plates of dishes while hosting. It can also be a grand luxury for enjoying breakfast on the go. Effortless storage can be achieved by having lower cabinets or drawers built into the kitchen island.

Floating Shelves:

An arrangement of floating kitchen wall shelves near the washing area can be converted into storage for cleaning items. You can also maintain the shelves by adding pots of herbs for an instant herb garden. These clear open shelves can also be used to create a mini bar complete with wine glasses and another potpourri.

Window sill :

The space beneath the window sill is easily missed by installing a kitchen shelf with hooks beneath the window you can store all your daily use pots and pans insight. It keeps everything super handy while in the morning rush for prepping a healthy meal.

Love-KANKEI helps you create a breathable space even while you are whipping up a hot meal. Arranging all your china collections and beautiful mugs in one rack is achievable with the wall shelf with a towel bar; the hooks are removable as per your convenience and usage.

Take about modern furniture that can be used multiple times, you can now declutter in the kitchen. Remove all the extra heavy furniture and go for the minimalist look with Love-KANKEI accessories.




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