What Are The New Best Way To Organize a Living Room?

The first impression of your home comes from your decor placed aesthetically in your living room. But if it looks messy and things are decorated hazardously then your guests will plain right think that you are lazy. Love Kankei shows you the best way to organize in a stylish way and create a stunning living space ambiance.

Wall hanging shelve

Stack your wall with Shelves

A gorgeous focal point on the wall is wooden floating wall shelves, mostly you apply vintage trimmings for an elegant effect. But try out shelving all way from the floor to the ceiling, not only does it give extra storage space, but also hides all the ugly wires that connect to entertainment systems. Embellish the wall shelves with sculptures, picture gallery, artwork, books and many other collectibles to keep the visuals pleasant. This could might as well be the accent wall.

Blend and Two in One Furniture

There are blend in furnitures that can be converted into storing units for small or big items. These rustic wooden decors  like ottomans, side tables, console units, wood trunks, sofa sets with space and coffee tables are ideal choices for living rooms in chic tiny apartments. Put away blankets, cushions, toys, magazines, and other stuff into these dual use furniture. Adorn the surface with beautiful flower vases, mirrors and dazzling table top ornamental.

Hanging Up

Another way is to create ample of space is with corner shelves, the side wall units are always spare and empty. Install wooden shelves in this area and exhibit trendy paintings, potted plants and decorative with fairy lights for a positive setting. You can also add dainty wire baskets to store keys, letters, diaries and knick-knacks on these modern shelves. If you are working from home, then this space can be turned into a temporary bureau set up with office stationaries, printing papers, inspirational quotes and files.

Lovely Cacti

Are you a nature lover? Do you want the outdoors, but do not have the time to water or deal with soil? Then, having a spectacular terrarium wall is unique and eye-catchy, with the use of shadow box have your very own green garden indoors. This applies to growing cacti inside these glass displays, they require minimal setup and maintenance. An unfussy home needs these kind of decors to keep things on the brighter side. Also, your window and table tops will look neat without any cluttered potted plants.

Personal Touch

You really do not need too many high-end designers to re-decorate your space. Just go with your intuition and make the changes according to your personal touch. A collage of personal pictures as wall display is enticing, an array of colorful plates on the wall, self-painted art work, or a lone tapestry everything contributes to the essence of your living room. Use subtle or bold tones on the walls, or apply a striking wall paper to anchor the theme.

Love Kankei gives you the choice to fashion your living space with dream items, make use of the decorative accessories to play with textures and functionality in creating a luxurious living room.

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