Transform Tiny Village Home To A Perfect Lifestyle Home!

It goes without saying that transforming a tiny village house and making it a perfect lifestyle home is an expensive affair. But do you know you can achieve this dream by making some changes to your house? Revamping your house does not always involve a famous interior designer who charges a huge amount to give a modern look to your tiny village house. You can simply follow our home décor ideas and make your tiny village house Pinterest worthy. So, if your home is due for a design update but you have a restricted budget and even less time. Then you can follow these home décor ideas. Without much further ado, let's get started!

3 tier wall hanging shelf

Keep your living room organized! If you are willing to give a luxurious look to your tiny village house you can just introduce one simple item which will organize the room in one go. To contain your overflowing items in your living room install a wall shelf. Here you can keep your books arranged or you can display your favourite items. To further enhance it or to give exotic look to it, you can put a LED light that will highlight the items on your shelf and will make it picture ready.

Clueless what to do with your childhood album? Is it occupying too much space? Well, you can solve this problem instantly. Just take out the photos from the album and turn that blank wall of the living room into a wall of memories. You can use lovekanekei's some trendy hanging photo frames for this. Just hang the photos you adore the most and make it a memory corner of your house.

Are you fed up with disorganised kitchen life? Don't know how to make it spick and span and organised? Well, with our kitchen décor ideas you can instantly solve all our kitchen problems.

Give life to your corners. If you want to be creative or lacking some extra space then you can make use of the corner of your kitchen. You can simply mount a 5-tier corner shelf where you can keep all the essential item of the kitchen which you need daily. Like this, you can make your kitchen look less messy and clumsy.

You can also install a pan and pot rack with hooks to keep your extra items organized which is currently making your kitchen look haywire and unorganized. This kitchen décor tips will simplify your kitchen life instantly.

Bathrooms are the last area where we pay attention to. But if you are willing to transform your tiny village house into a perfect lifestyle home then you cannot ignore the bathroom. Organize your toiletries by keeping them arranged. If your bathroom lacks a self-storage area then you can install a wall mounted floating shelf where you can keep your toiletries organized and arranged.

Talking of decorating your wall or making it a camera-ready you can even display your artwork encased in a shadowbox. To further enhance it you can use LED lights which will not only display your artwork more beautiful but also will add a royal look to it – thereby making it the most luxurious space in the whole room.

Follow these simple yet trendy home décor ideas and see the difference. Do let us know!

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