Walk On The Comfort Side With Inspiring Home Storage And Decor Accessories!

Storage can be the biggest hindrance in keeping your home chic and stylish all the time. But with Love Kankei interior items there are many ways you can organize, with different depths of shelving one can keep all the decor accessories off the floor. A messy background is never ideal even for the perfect Insta picture! Hence we are giving you plenty of inspiration to turn your living space into a paradise.

Wall Hanging Shelf

Wall Space

Leaving the walls bare is trendy, but one can make plenty of use from the open empty space. Introduce a floor to wall shelving that acts as extra wall storage shelving unit for small apartments, this could be converted into a dedicated pantry space in the kitchen. It can also be utilized as a closet space, shoe storage, vanity area in the bathroom and a showcase in the living room. Depends on how you wish to utilize the walls in any living space, thus making things efficient and chic.

Creative Headboard

We are always on the lookout for glamourous storage in the bedroom, whether it's under the bed or fashioning out niche areas for lounging. Why not have floating rustic shelves as a stunning headboard? You can adorn the shelves with picture frames, family memorabilia’s, artwork, stunning paintings and books. This can also be used to store extra blankets, cushion covers, little pretty pillows and potted plants. Celebrate the area by adding pretty fairy lights, thus making the space ambient with mood lighting.


Under the stairways metal shelves are ideal for tucking out bathroom essentials, especially when you own a tiny shower space. Cluttering the bath walls with shelves will look messy and visually hindering, instead store all of your items into built in cabinets under the stairs or on metallic racks. This added bathroom storage shelves open up possibilities to keep a track on soiled clothes, make space for fresh towels, vanity items and daily use bath products.

Extra Holder

You may be a connoisseur of wine and have the knack for reading magazine’s, but there is always a lack of space when it comes to storing these items. They end up on the floor or sit in a cramped up cabinet. To find an easy solution create a bar counter with 5 tier corner shelving on the wall. This will utilize the corner walls in a productive way, embellish the shelves with wine bottles, glasses and snack jars. Apply this same idea in the kitchen as well by adding spice bottles, tissue holder, cleaning items and pantry products. In the bedroom or even in the toilet these corner shelves can act like magazine/books rack.

Thus Love Kankei decor accessories are made to perfection and can fit into any living space dynamics. They have their own charm, be it the wooden shelves or the decorative shadow box that allows you to enhance your creative energies into DIY projects. The elegant collage photoframes that bring out many memories alive and the subtle kitchen accessories that keep the cooking area modish. These items are an all-in-one budget friendly storage solutions for your stylish home.

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