Wall Shelving Ideas - Wall Shelving - Designer Or Budget?

Making a shelving switch is not easy, especially when you are used to storing all of your items in cabinet drawers. Wall shelves are ideal for the funky eye-catchy element and also provide immense storage space. Whether you take up a designer project or DIY everything according to your taste, we have some cool options to suggest.

Switch to Open Shelves in the Kitchen:

Yes, you might argue about the elegance of closed cabinets in the kitchen, but their placement is usually high up the wall. You need a pantry ladder to access your appliances and cooking wares. Solve this instantly by adding simple display shelves  at arm’s length. Everything is stored within eye-view and also there is perfect symmetry, the place will look bright and spacious, especially if you have a tiny kitchen. These shelves unleash your creativity by coordinating styling of plates and ware. Also, they are easy on the pocket while renovation and super effortless to clean.

Decorate your Bathroom with succulents:

Having indoor plants is a luxury, but in city apartments fashioning plants make the whole area look cramped. An easy way to display your green thumb is by having small potted plants like succulents inside the bathroom. Decorate the perimeter with colorful small pots of cacti on bathroom shelves, what’s more, you can also stow away your spa and bath essentials on these racks.

Book Library at the Entrance:

Want to keep your guests coming back? An easy hack is to build a wall mounted floating shelves at the entrance or hallway. Convert this into a lending library, keep the latest books on these shelves and encourage your loved ones to pick anyone to read till their next visit. Initiating a community library for kids is also an awesome idea from home. Books are an amazing way to stay in touch with the neighborhood. Also, you get to have engaging conversations with visitors.

Corner Nook Renovation:

If you cannot carry out any major renovations in your living space, then go for the corners. These are often neglected but are a goldmine when it comes to storing exhibit items. Utilize the corner space between two walls and DIY corner wall shelves; put all your pictures, artifacts and other items easily on these wooden shelves. Elongated floating corner shelves are also an interesting match to the luxe ambiance of a wide living room.

Laundry room decor:

Color-coded laundry baskets, liquid soaps, and other washing items need extra space, having rustic wooden shelves painted in white will give a stunning effect to the existing laundry room. Place emotional and inspirational quotes in photo frames with gold accents to make the ambiance more farmhouses like.  Make things cohesive and simple with strategic wooden shelves.

Love-KANKEI  has an unmatched collection of such wooden shelves that help in making your home livelier. You will love the amalgamation of wood and metal, the effect it has on your painted house walls is stunning. They sit effortlessly on the wall creating a perfect rhythm of style and luxury. Easy on the budget these shelves are the perfect purchase for your long term storage needs, you will be amazed how natural they look are while assembling it on the wall. A stylish blend of utility, resilience and dramatic looks these shelves are a priced catch.

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