How to Decorate Luxurious Farmhouse Living Room?

A vintage farm stays in lush surroundings is a refreshing change from the hectic city life. We always look for rustic wooden furniture and accessories that create a bit of nostalgia when it comes to decorating a farmhouse. But in this millennial era space is a new luxury, with minimal furniture and modern outlook a farmhouse can be your dream home for generations. We are out here with some inspiring tips to re-decorate the living room into a lavish family retreat.

farmhouse wall decoration

Let the Light Shine:

Between a beautiful sunrise and sunset, you spend most of the time lounging in the living room. Make it spacious, airy and let loads of sunlight filter in. Do not invest in dingy windows and doors that are narrow, open up space by placing comfortable furniture and install huge French windows. Use pastel shades of white, green and blue for reflecting the natural light. Place stunning chandeliers on the ceiling and lamps to create a romantic effect during the night. Keep the concept of the living room free-flowing and open concept for maximum room space.

Fresh Flowers:

Drama and beauty go hand-in-hand, arrange fresh aromatic flowers from the garden as a centerpiece on the coffee table. Your corner tables also need some eye-catchy element, small china vases with fresh picks from the flower beds will make the living room look inviting and you won’t need artificial air fresheners.

Farm Wall accessories:

wall mounted floating shelve

Delightful biblical quotes, inspirational messages, generational family pictures and memorabilia’s need plenty of space for display. Wall mounted floating shelves come in handy while exhibiting your favorite pieces on the living room wall. Build a focal wall near the entertainment area or design a cozy reading nook with rustic wooden shelves as the background. Keep the simplicity intact with these display shelves and enjoy the elegant ambiance.

Using old items:

living room decoration

Do you have an old wooden ladder hanging around in the barn or window panes that can be re-claimed? You can effortlessly use things around the farmhouse for living room wall decor. DIY paint an old cycle to mount on the wall behind the lounge sofa, exhibit artwork on the wooden ladder, and use the window panes to stick some paintings or pictures from your travel escapades. An old dresser can be re-painted and used for storing additional items apart from adorning the area near the fireplace. Exposed timber beams on the ceiling can be re-polished for a rustic feel. This will not only put the old items to good use but also unleash your creativity.

Barn Doors for privacy:

We know the traditional glass doors look contemporary for a stylish setting, but incorporating barn doors as sectionals will bring in the farm vibes. These wooden wonders are not only the source of absolute privacy but also the practicality of the reclaimed wood makes it’s a special addition.

Add to its vibrant rugs, sectional sofa and plenty of luxurious throw pillows. All of these scream opulence in the true sense. Love-KANKEI just ups the style quotient from there with its vintage-styled wooden accessories. Their wooden shelves with metallic accents are perfect for a farm-style setting.

wall decorative photo frames

The wall hanging photo frames  bring a sense of pride and simple design to the natural decor in the living spaces. You can hang multiple snapshots on these wooden collage frames. Ideas are endless when it comes to creating a luxurious farmhouse living room, our stunning Love-KANKEI accessories prove to be the limelight when it comes to luxe living.



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