How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage Without Any Major Construction

Why keep your plush ambiance restricted to living rooms and bedrooms, let the creativity flow into the kitchen as well. You do not need to tear it down to make new space for all your appliances and cutlery. Some simple life hacks are enough to upgrade the kitchen without any major construction.

Open Shelving:

kitchen wall shelve

Boxed cabinets are a passé, let your guests admire your wine glass, chinaware and dainty dishes on open wooden shelves. These kitchen wall shelves  can be fashioned out of rustic wood and metal accents. An excellent way to color coordinate your plates and everyday use cutlery, plus you can now save on storage space by keeping all the minimal use appliances on top of these floating wall shelves. Add a touch of green with pots of herbs and voila! Your kitchen will always smell delicious.

Introduce under the cabinet Lighting:

An opulent display of lights around the kitchen can brighten up space; install mood lighting under the cabinets and above the backsplash. Use different colors to set in the cool ambiance, also these lights will not leave your kitchen pitch dark at night. A huge statement piece lighting above the island will make your prep time interesting with focal lighting. Avoid dim lights instead of installing warm-toned bulbs for a welcoming feel.

Fancy Faucet & Countertops:

Kitchen pot shelves

Make way for fancy kitchen faucets, use gold tones for a luxe effect, black metallic faucets for a minimalist fashion and bronze faucets for an industrial punk look. This element will become an eye-catchy factor in your cooking space. Change the existing kitchen countertops  to granite, sand-colored marble or polished wood. A butcher’s block styled countertop has a vintage feel if your kitchen is farm-style.

Paint Job & Curtain Uplift:

If your kitchen lacks natural lighting then paint the walls and cabinets in lush pastel hues for the electric light to bounce off the walls and shimmer. If there is plenty of natural lighting available through large windows, then paint your cabinets in deep bold colors to serve as contrast. Add luxury tones of gold on the frames of the cabinets for a rich look. French windows and doors can be draped in colorful, magnificent fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin. Add drama to the breakfast nook with cushions and tufted seating.

Upgrade the accessories with Love-KANKEI:

Kitchen Paper towel holder

Tiny changes like installing wall towel holder or over the counter kitchen paper towel holder  can make things effortless while cleaning. Metal wall shelves with hooks near the sink and the cooking space can solve storage issues of pots, pans, spoons, and ladles. Little flower pots mounted on the wall with eccentric geometric shapes make space look decadent and elegant. Wooden serving trays are a smashing hit if you love to display your cooked treats in glass jars. Tiered display serving trays are means of life hack when it comes to playing the gracious house-party host.

Love-KANKEI accessories promise to spoil you for life, your kitchen will never look the same again. These chic contemporary items are a prize catch for remodeling around the house without any major fixations. Now add glamour and practicality in your cooking sessions with these everyday items.

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