Wall-Mounted Multipurpose Storage Ideas

We are natural hoarders and for all the items that we pick while shopping or when out on a vacation, there are rarely any storage solutions. Especially if you are cramped in apartment-style living, but we will now introduce some excellent life hacks with wall-mounted storage spaces.

Kitchen wall decoratives

Pantry and Kitchenware Galore!

Imagine cramming your kitchen countertops with jars, pot, and pans. Not only does it look untidy but also it invites unwanted pest problems. Organize your kitchenware and utensils by installing wall mounted kitchen shelves. The dishes lying around the dining table and also on the kitchen island can neatly be stacked on these vintage wooden shelves. Display your creative side by adding a spice rack with a live herb wall garden. You can also store all your pantry items if you lack a storage room. Not to mention the wine bottles that can be exhibited vertically on the kitchen walls.

wall decoratives

Children’s Bedroom Makeover

Kids can easily scatter books, art and toys all over the place, when a trunk is not enough to hold all the items, then install corner shelves wall mount. This will not only serve as a trophy display corner but also enable the to color co-ordinate all the soft toys. You can also hang their artwork or make a gallery wall. These trendy wooden shelves in the corners provide extra space and practical utility.

Head Board Glamour

wall decorative

When your mission is to DIY and set a theme in the bedroom, then go for wall mounted floating shelves. You can effortlessly create a reading nook in the bedroom, a glamourous headboard to exhibit sculptures, tiny plants, and other precious family photos, also these shelves provide extra luggage storage. Stack your blankets and bedroom furnishing accessories like a makeshift closet on these rustic wooden wonders. If you lack a wardrobe then these are excellent for storing your shoe collections.

Entryway Decor

Transform your entryway into a gateway to heaven by displaying colorful flowers, mirrors and trendy accessory items on floating shelves. These also serve the purpose of keeping your home keys, coats, shoes and sometimes your hat collection in a chic way. Make the guests comfortable with aromatic candles and fragrant flowers for the welcome. This will not only brighten the ambiance but also ring in a positive vibe to the house.

Bathroom Exclusive

wall decorative

Installing shelves in the bathroom will allow you to stack up on the makeup collection and luxurious bath products for your spa treatment. Mood based candles too set in a refreshing tone after a hectic day. Decorate your shelves with these and create a lounge atmosphere while bathing. You can also store all your towels and daily needs efficiently.

Look no further when you need the right storage solution, Love-KANKEI has a wide variety of wall-mounted multipurpose shelves. They come in traditional dark wood for a farm ambiance and also in the wired version to suit your industrial and steampunk tastes. The hardwood and metal finish makes them long-lasting, without creating any major dent in the pockets. Easy to install, you can take up to renovate your home as a challenge with these wooden storage shelves.

Your storage woes will be a thing of the past, Love-KANKEI is the contemporary match to storing all your home decor needs.

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