Clever Techniques to Save Time in the Kitchen: 6 Steps

The kitchen is the hub of any home and keeping it sparkling clean is almost a dream. There are ways to get things organized while cooking up a delicious meal. We have come up with some life-saving hacks that will keep things easy and save ample time in the kitchen.

Prepping in Style:

wall rustic wooden shelves

Morning rush can be a strain if you haven’t done your night prep. Keeping the frequently used pots and pans clean, and setting them neatly on rustic kitchen shelves  makes a quick meal in the morning. Adding the chopping block, ingredient jars and maybe a handful of herbs growing in pots are an excellent way to make your cooking interesting without wasting too much time. Open shelving is idealistic since you can reach out and grab the necessary items instantly.

Recipe Stand:

Kitchen Countertop shelves

Time to garnish your meals and bring out Grandma’s cookbook from the closet. Kitchen wall shelves  are so trendy to store all your recipe books in one place. If you lack space in the main area, then a chic corner shelve will not only provide room for all the extra books but also stand like a contemporary exhibit for your snack jars. Create a dedicated area in the corner for children and kids snacks with these mesmerizing wooden shelves.

Freezing your Favorites:

Excess food and herbs can become stale when not used over time while prepping just take out parts that you will use later and freeze it. You can also mix the ingredients and make a paste out of it to use it later. Flavor packets are the new kitchen trend, simply freeze your spices and herb pastes with olive oil or tomato paste in airtight containers. A savory choice for making instant soups, pasta sauce, and stews.

Herbs galore:

Eating salads is the new health regime and to maintain a daily diet one needs handy herbs to enhance the taste of green salads. Growing a batch of edible herbs for instant salad dressings in the kitchen is made possible with traditional wooden kitchen shelves. Portion up the salads with decadent herbs and make lip-smacking sandwiches for lunch without experiencing the morning rush.

Kitchen shelves

Cleaning Up Easy:

Prefill your kitchen sink with warm soapy water to dip in the utensils, it will be effortless washing from there. You can also multi-task by washing the dishes and carrying out cleaning the countertops. Keep wet wipes handy on kitchen paper towel holders to swab the backsplash after every meal that is cooked.

Rack them up:

Install metal racks with hooks at the bottom to store away all your ladles, spoons and pans. It makes them easily accessible and lets you focus on the dish that is cooking, instead of wading from one shelve to another before you know it your meal is burnt. Metal racks are also long-lasting and can hold other arty knick-knacks in place for making your kitchen look elegant.

Kitchen Wall shelves

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