5 DIY Picture Perfect to Decorate Hanging Photo Frames

Memories are meant to be cherished forever and more than one photo frame is never enough. Sometimes we get bored with the classy touches and opt to recreate our own version of storytelling through pictures. To make a photo frame interesting and also blending in with the decor theme we have some amazing DIY themes you can steal.

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Let's find out below:

Ribbons & Lace:

Go Victorian with laces and ribbons, pick your choice of material, design, and style of ribbon or lace. Without hammering even a hole in the wall, you can easily stick the ribbon onto the wall or simply suspend it from a plastic self-adhesive hook. Tie a neat bow at the top of the ribbon/lace, glue the pictures onto the lace/ribbon horizontally. Viola! Your new gallery wall is ready, satin and sheer ribbons look ideal for this attractive eye-treat.

Decorate that Cardboard:

Cardboard is one piece of craft item that is easily available. Get your kids to cut out frames in all shapes and sizes. Decorate the edge of the frames with glitter, colorful buttons, ribbons, paint it and stick shiny paper. Glue the selected set of pictures onto the embellished frames. Then simply stick the frames onto the wall with transparent tape or glue it. Ideal for rented apartments and dorm rooms too, instant decor enhancement.

Rustic Wooden Branch:

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Bringing the farmhouse traditional style bringing into the living rooms and bedrooms, and thereafter the hanging photo frames  out of the twigs and branches. You can tie twigs with strings and colorful threads to craft a wooden frame, stick the picture onto the frame and hang it out on the wall. If you’re looking for a college, then take a single long branch of a tree and suspend strings from its base. Stick or pin multiple pictures onto the strings, ideal for a teenager's bedroom or a cozy reading nook. To make the collage look vibrant decorate it with multiple colored fairy lights.


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Colorful clips seem to be mundane but excellent to make your office look chic with memorable pictures. Create a hanging photo display by using only wool or strings and clip the pictures onto the strings with vibrant clips. They can vary in size and design, an effortless way to even decorate your tiny office cubicle.

Foam Frames for Large Pictures:

You can use foam boards as hanging photo frames  for large pictures, this project is ideal for dining rooms and living rooms. Cut the foam board into the desired size and shape, print the image according to the frame size and then foam glue it onto the board. Cover the image with a transparent glossy sheet to provide protection for the picture and then hang it where ever you like. The entryway can be highlighted with a large family picture made out of this simple project.

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Love-KANKEI gives all of your creative desires wings with its DIY based picture frames. They come in a collage sized rustic wooden structure, ideal for recreating the look of any living space. You can exhibit multiple photos at a time on these hanging photo frames. Never miss the chance to craft according to your taste and personality with Love-KANKEI, all in a budget!

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