Turn your Kitchen into a Self-Care Retreat with Decorative Accessories

You can place mats and plush rugs, give a complete makeover to the backsplash with a decorative tile pattern and decorate every corner with customized favorites. Your kitchen is a personal space, rarely are visitors invited into your comfort zone where you whip up gourmet meals. Since it’s your special oasis it becomes imperative to revamp this living space into every bit a self-care escape. Adding decorative accessories is taking the glam level a notch up for your individual comfort and style.

Pot Rack Wall Mounted Set of 2 Black

Set the mood right at the start of the day with an enviable serving tray, these are the most underrated items in assorted accessories. A piping hot breakfast served in bed on a cozy tray can make your senses sing in the morning. Not only will your belly be filled but you will begin the day on a positive note. Available in quintessential styles they can come in glazed glass, rustic wood, and ottoman styled large trays and with delicate merry patterns. Add a spark of joy to your daily routine by gifting yourself or your loved ones with an elegant serving tray.  

Do not leave the kitchen countertops  or the dining table bare; even if you are the minimalist designer embellishing your counter space with cheesy knick-knacks is the latest trend. A burlap lacey runner placed on the dining table not only for special occasions but also daily decor looks chic. Adding an ornate Chinese vase with fresh flowers on the dining table is a stunning statement masterpiece. Mason jars are placed strategically on the marble countertops with fresh baked cookies which are also another way to exhibit your skilled baking techniques.

Paper Towel Holder Countertop Black

Kitchen paper towel holders  are also an innovative piece of accessory for limited kitchen space. Messy kitchens are a constant headache if there are kids around, to tackle daily wastages and uncleanliness placing towel holders within immediate reach is worthwhile. Now say goodbye to ugly drill holes on the backsplash and kitchen walls, these stylish holders can easily be camouflaged inside cabinets as well.

Rustic Wood Wall Shelves Set of 3 Weathered Grey

A cookie collector of exclusive cutlery and fashionable plates will love the idea of displaying the unit on wall mounted floating shelves. Albeit the shelves need a glass enclosure to make sure all of the expensive wine glasses and china plates remain intact. Rare collections can become a great conversation starter for guests and loved ones alike.

Chefs and ones who love to entertain crowds to delicious homemade goodies can benefit from these three-tiered serving trays. An array of baked assortments and lip-smacking snacks can be put on an enviable display for your admirers. Movie nights in the house will now be fun with a binge all buffet styled corner. Wine tastings will be a wild session on warm summer evenings, place the wine glasses with delightful appetizers on the tiered serving trays for you folks to enjoy.

Since all of these elite items are effortlessly available with Love-KANKEI your life is pretty much sorted in the kitchen. You can now bake and cook to your heart’s content, your kitchen will look pleasing to the eye and engaging with these assorted accessories.

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