7 Decor Things Your Home Reveal About Your Personality

Just how your sense of dressing reveals a lot about the kind of person you are, the same way the way you decorate your abode tells intriguing stories about your personality. Every nook and corner accentuate your taste and possibly store memories about your family history. You might unknowingly place objects in certain positions and reveal intricate details of your past. We have come up with some interesting facts on how to decode individuality with the decor theme that goes around the house.

Hanging photo frames  speak a lot, they are nostalgia memorabilia’s for many of us. But quite a few of us love hanging every inch of the wall space with picture frames of different shapes and sizes. They maybe travel photos, childhood memories, pictures of our ancestors and every click that sparks joy. Since we so hang on to the past in the form of photogenic stills we are very nostalgic as a person. These recollections, create a comfort zone and we love to draw strength from them.

Creating cozy nooks, even in a tight space means you are an introvert and enjoy your timely peace. A reading area, a breakfast corner with a view, or placing a decorative divider in a room full of chaos are some of the ways to achieve nirvana while handling a busy life. Introverts crave alone time and for them, retreat into their little world time to time recharges their energy level.

Kitchen countor top

Well, an assortment of custom made furniture speaks a lot about you being a punctual and someone with exquisite taste. It means you love to see your creation on display and have a command over things in your house. Luxury is the key to success for individuals who design their own set of furniture. Detailing the kitchen countertops  with marble or the latest trendy granite cut tops, adding velvet furnishings in the dining area, placing strategic lights to highlight the art and choosing the exact shade of wallpaper to match the theme.

Switching up the glam game with reuseable and reclaimed items means you welcome change easily. The wooden decor made out of reclaimed wood, geometric patterned vases, and gallery styled artwork on the walls. Savvy sculptures and installations around the house speak of you being a financially independent and invest buyer. Jewelry organizer  in the closet and powder room make you a neatness freak.

Jewelry organised

A space that is tastefully decorated even when on rent means you are eager to find a place of your own. Whereas a minimalist approach to owning a house means you are afraid of commitments and staying grounded in one place for a long time.

Ironically a sofa or chair faced away from the T.V. means you are not social in nature, living room furniture placement speaks a lot about your social life. An easy flow of chairs and lounge furniture in your house means the conversation is the king, you love the presence of people. Entertaining is your top priority with a lounge that exhibits comfort.

Having a green thumb even in an apartment means you care for things. There is no room for stress in your life and you enjoy the presence of nature in your house. It also means a kindred spirit that never thinks of any harm to others. Incorporating personal artifacts and streamlining them into the decor means you enjoy being organized and disciplined. A chaotic display of things implicates that you love to travel and live mostly out of boxes.

Keeping in mind all of these various personalities and quirks Love-KANKEI has designed a variety of home decor accessories that go with any theme. From rustic wooden wall shelves to photo frames, there is something for everyone. A wide range for housewarming gifts for your loved ones, spend your budget on things that anchor your room and boost your personal touch.

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