5 Storage Ideas to Spruce up Your Home

Homemakers are forever in a dilemma with storage spaces, families lack space in today’s modern version of compact homes. Spacious rooms and additional lofts are like a dream for anyone, city folks utilize every inch of their living space to gather enviable decor items. So how can you stay glamorous yet de-clutter your house of unwanted items? The idea is to convert single storage zones into multi-functional areas.

These days we have furniture’s that double up into additional units for a variety of purposes. A lounge sofa during the day can comfortably become a bed unit for guests at night. A side table can be extended to seat four or more people during a house party etc. The same way we have come up with inspirational storage tricks to implement effectively for chic living.

 bed room decor

A practical solution to stock up all the extra bedding and furnishings is to DIY a heightened bed unit with storage space underneath. Or you can also invest in a bed with bonus cargo space that can fit in all your blankets, bedsheets and pillow covers. Plus it can also turn out to be an excellent way to hide away your shoe collection. No more ugly plastic bins and trays under the bed to conceal bits and pieces instead create a spacious corner with this bedroom storage idea.

Lacking a dressing table, then safely put away all your jewelry collection into a customized wooden storage chest. It can also double up as a seating area near the window, put a tufted cushion on top of the chest to create a cozy reading nook. You can also arrange all of your statement jewelry collection onto a three-tier or two-tier organizers. This way necklaces and earrings won’t get tangled. Also line the chest with velvet to avoid scratches and damages to jewelry fashioned out of precious stones, gems, and diamonds. This jewelry storage idea  will ensure that your curated items remain timeless.

jewelry organizer

Installing wooden wall storage shelves  in the mudroom will do a huge favor to your fur carpets and hardwood floors. Drenched umbrellas, muddy boots, soiled overcoats and messy stains from, visitors can cause untidiness right at the main entryway. Avoid all of this by providing hooks on the wooden shelves for hanging the coats and jackets, shelves can be used to keep the boots and also decorate it with artifacts to create a warm de-cluttered welcoming ambiance. A seating bench beneath the vintage shelves can store away umbrellas and other knick-knacks.

kitchen wall mount shelf

An additional kitchen storage idea  among the usual cabinets and shelves is a stylish ottoman. It can serve as a footrest in between cooking meals, an added seating arrangement or a coffee table. You can also store in napkins and other light items inside the luxurious ottoman, an unusual piece of furniture for the kitchen but it has its own colonial charm.

A TV cabinet can double up as a bookshelf or a storage unit to gather family pictures and memorabilia. You can also create a gallery wall on either side of the entertainment unit with wooden photo frames. Instead of scattering family photos all around the house, they can be neatly displayed on a featured wall.

Turn your house into a decor masterpiece with Love-KANKEI accessories; they have intricately carved messages on metallic wall units and strong wooden shelves that complement traditional as well as modern set up. Their breakfast trays and jewelry organizers make life easy and functional. The ornate photo frames create a sense of nostalgia. You can fashion out valuable storage spaces with these wow-worthy home accessories and spruce up your space into a paradise.

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