How To Plan And Decorate Your Home?

Decorating a home is endless and there are many ways one can get it done. There are no rules when it comes to applying a theme, personality or collectibles for a stunning decor mode. We offer you some tangible tips and tricks for re-modelling by using functional interior items from Love-Kankei.

Wall hanging shelf

Measurements and Floor Space

The first thing we do is to start choosing the furniture and laying out the accessories without actually comprehending the floor plan or measurements. Imagine investing in an elegant L-shaped sofa and it doesn’t fit in the living room or buying a large coffee table for a tiny apartment. This doesn’t work well with the design scheme, so always plan out by studying the floor plan and measuring the walls for building out stunning floating wall shelves to adorn with decoratives. Make a rough sketch of your room and choose the furniture accordingly to avoid style goof ups.


A theme is the soul and creator of soothing ambiance, walk through your home and decide which mood suits with the particular room. You could go for bright and lively colors in the living room, a relaxed tone in the dining room, luxurious elegance in the bathroom and functional dynamics in the kitchen. Choose the colors, textures, fabrics and flooring to these modish technique. The walls too will need varied treatment, wallpaper in the bathroom, hanging photoframes in the passageway, shelves in the laundry room and dreamy aesthetics in the bedroom. Mix of modern and vintage with panache is the right choice for any home.


If you have a large family and little space then there is the need to have plenty of storage space. Make sure you DIY furnitures and fixtures in every room to its maximum capacity, a multifunctional 5 tier corner shelf is essential in the kitchen for added pantry items. Sofa’s with built in hollow space, ottomans as side tables in the bedroom and trendy trunks for storing toys in the kids bedroom are good options when it comes to fashionable decor.


You can win within a limited budget, by building bathroom storage shelves with metallic/wooden floating shelving system. This can be used to store all of your bath towels, napkins, aromatic candles, spa essentials, soaps, daily grooming items and shampoos. Sometimes it can double up as a vanity corner in a packed shower space. Thus giving you the luxury of having a full fledged beauty counter without cluttering the wash basin.

Barn Feel for a Country Setting

If you want a cozy nook to read or relax then installing barn doors as partition between a large room space is the ideal way to divide the living quarter. You can build in a fireplace with a chic marble mantle to display your family pictures. Add thick Persian rug with warm throw pillows, build rustic shelves on the wall to exhibit additional trinkets, old china plates and collectibles from your travels abroad, hang potted plants and lit up the space with dazzling floor lamps.


You have got to be a little eccentric and innovative with your decor choices in the city, due to the lack of space make use of every inch to create a cool atmosphere. Shadowbox  frames can be used in myriad of ways to enhance any room. Grow a eye-catching terrarium garden inside these glass frames, dramatize the frames with memorable pictures, turn it into your vision board with cut outs of places you wish to visit or simply add artwork to exhibit it in any corner of the house. Thus a simple yet effective way to wow your guests.

Love Kankei gives endless opportunites for you to plan and decorate your home with its high functional decor items. Forget expensive designers and pick up your planning board to fashion out the world of your dreams with these novel interior products.

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