Top 5 Summer Interior Design Tips You Should Follow

If you thought that summer trends are limited only to clothing and fashion, you are wrong because even your household needs a new look for the summer sunshine. From bright colors on your walls to light colored curtains, an abundance of greenery to refreshing drink sections, the summer comes with various opportunities to design your décors. Here are the top 5 interior design hacks that you can try this summer –  

Wall Hanging Photo Frames to Bring Coziness

wall picture frame

Add a personalized touch to your interior design with as many as thirty photographs hung on the 26inches x 29inches wooden picture frames. With adjustable twines, you can customize the lengths of the twines while the wooden clips keep different sized picture attached on the vertical, horizontal, or angular twines. You can also make use of the Shadow Box display frame with 8inches x10inches size where not only photos but also certificates, sketches, medals, etc. can be hung on fabric backdrop.  

Ceramic Vase with Copper Holder for the Touch of Greenery

wall mount Vase

Keep it on the center table or study table, or hang it on the wall –the 4.3 inches long white ceramic vases can create a simple and refreshing décor to your interior. Coming with a copper holder, this lightweight and sturdy vase set can contain both original and artificial mini shrubs, air plants, bamboo plants, money plant, succulents, mini cactus and many more to complement a perfect summer look to the interiors.

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer to Show off Your Collection

Jewelry Tree Stand

Jewelry can be excellent pieces for home décor, and the 17inches x 8.7inches jewelry organizer made of rustic wood and black metal can be your best tool to combine beauty and interior décor on the wall. Up to thirty single earrings or 15 pairs of double earrings can be hung on the metal bar with 30 holes. The second tier is made up of two side metal rails and seven hooks where earrings, bangles, bracelets, neckpieces, and rings can be kept accordingly. To the bottom is a metal jewelry holder twisted in the shape of ‘beauty’ where you can hang chains, neckpieces, and even bangles.      

Large Storage Wooden and Brews

Wall Shelves for Books

Love Kankei addresses your need for chilled brews on a hot summer day and the comfort of reading a book on a couch. The set of two large storage rustic wooden shelves with 16inches length and 11inches width can be your best décor option to contain both books and brews. Mounted on the wall with black metal, you can keep books and magazines on one shelf while another shelf can hold your ice-buckers, glasses, drink bottles and cans in a way that looks like a mini bar and reading area.  

Square and U-shaped Floating Wooden Shelves for Décor Items

Floating Wooden Shelves

For your living room, bedroom, or even study area, the rustic wooden floating shelves will be great décor choices with the unlimited opportunity of regrouping the three U-shaped and three square-shaped racks. Keep showpieces, photo frames or potted plants inside as well as above the square frames while each of the small U-shaped ones can contain only one or two small sized showpieces or potted plants.  

No matter whether you like the bright sunny days or love to spend time at home to avoid the hot weather, your home needs to be decked up in a lively way so that you never feel monotonous staying indoors.



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