5 Different Ways to Style Floating Shelves

Wall mounted or floating shelves are the all new trends in home decoration, thanks to their contemporary style and non-bulky design for saving space on the wall. The wall floating shelves can be installed in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and also on the hallway, door passage, or staircase landing according to the design and requirement. There are many homeowners, who have got their choice of wall shelves but are not sure where and how to set those up in a way that they complement the setup of the room.

So, let us find out the five most stylish ways to set up the floating shelves –

Set up Wall Mounted Rack with Hooks on Kitchen Wall

wall mount shelf for kitchen

Your kitchen needs to be properly arranged and to keep your pots, utensils, spice bottles, etc. neatly arranged, get the metal pot and pan organizer that come with sixteen hooks attached on the frame. On the opposite wall of the kitchen island, this sturdy rack can hold the heavyweight utensils like frying pan, plates, bowls, etc. while the hooks can hold spoons, ladles, etc.

While this rack has a metal wired surface, the rustic wooden wall mount shelves have wooden plank surface where you can keep spice bottles, oil bottles, cooking utensils, glass, mugs, etc. the towel bar on the bottom can also be used to hang spoons, forks, etc. by attaching eight removable hooks.

Put Up Large Storage Wooden Shelves at Living Room and Bathroom

Floating shelve for living room

If you need to store many items in a single space of a room, the rustic wooden 16”x11” large storage shelves will be the best option for you. Available in a set of two, these selves with a wooden surface and metal frame can hold various sanitary items like creams, soaps, shampoos, and even razor, dryers, etc. for bathroom. You can also set these up together or on different walls of the living room to keep photo frames, awards, certificates or other showpieces.

Customize Square Cube And U-shaped Shelves for Living Room and Bedroom

The three U-shaped and three square-shaped wooden shelves are the most stylish wall shelves of all and can be arranged in whatever design you want. The lightweight paulownia wood with a torched vintage finish will complement any wall if you arrange them nicely. Various collectibles, pictures, craft items, small stuffed toys, statues, showpieces, and even small indoor plants can be kept here. The U-shaped shelves are also useful for keeping some of your books arranged.

Install Three-tiered Corner Shelf at the Wall Angle of Office, Bedroom and Living Room

wall shelve for bedroom or living room

The wall angles except for the ones adjacent to doorway, the corner shelves can be a compact option to keep small materials. The three wooden boards are framed with carbonized metal, and they face different directions. Small collectibles, awards, indoor plants, picture frames, books, and even stationary items can be arranged here.

Install Wall-mounted Solid Wooden Shelves on Any Wall of Any Room

wall mount shelf

The single-tiered wall floating shelves are available in a set of three and can be unique décor items for living room, bedroom or kitchen where you can either place all three shelves together or place them on different rooms. Books, idols, soft toys, small plants, and various collectibles can be kept here. You can also go for the two-tiered heavy duty shelves to arrange your books, awards, photos, crafts, and more on the wooden surface held together with a metal bracket.

Which one design suits your home the best? Make the best out of the floating shelves and keep your things adequately arranged.    

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