Love-KANKEI Corner Shelf Set of 3 Carbonized Black

The idea of beautifying a closed or small space is not to feel claustrophobic. In fact, it means to liven up dull spaces that we generally miss while deciding the interior decor. With multipurpose decor, fixtures by Love-KANEI, you can turn any tiny space into a stylish look. We have some interesting ideas to convert your small spaces into eye-grabbers.

1. A Hip Office Lounge

Office is certainly not a place where you look forward to walking in every day. But if you are the owner of a small firm with a limited budget or an at-home entrepreneur, then you can turn your workplace into an ocean of creativity. Add contrast and pattern with the wall shelves by Love-KANKEI. They have an intricately wrought iron finish to blend with the wooden texture. You can display artwork, sculptures, motivational photo frames, awards, framed certificates, and family photos. It will bring cheer, and you will always draw inspiration from the exhibits. You can even paint these wall shelves to complement your room furniture and wall design.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3

2. Vanity Space

Apartments lack the glamour and chic of spacious closets and powder rooms. To compensate you can luxuriously put up your jewelry collection on these trendy jewelry organizers. These modified pieces come with subtle word art, wood base, and painted steel frame. Organize your bangle, exquisite statement neckpieces, earrings, and bold jewelry on these stands. You can even mount them on the wall for extra space and decorative purpose. Be the envy of your fashion friends. If you are a beauty vlogger, then doing a jewelry stack video will be a great idea for your followers. These stands not only de-clutter your drawers but also provide instant storage space.

Love-KANKEI Jewelry Tree Stand White and Natural

3. Feature wall on the Hallway

If you have a long hallway or corridor, then these spaces are typically neglected. They stand bare and unattractive to visitors. To make these spaces, colorful and color co-ordinate mount photo galleries. An avid photographer can mount his/her favorite collection; a mom can display her love for her children with their cute pictures, a traveler can make a wish list with pictures or proudly mount the escapades. Every person has his/her own precious memories, do not let them fade; decorate your walls with them. If you are a minimalist and do not like crowded walls throughout your house, then a mini-gallery in the hallway can be a perfect choice.

Love-KANKEI Hanging Picture Frame

4. Bathroom, Mini Library & Shoe Shelf

Bathroom is the least space we tend to think about when we plan to decorate. This lovely shelf separator comes in handy to put in fresh towels and hand napkins. For a small, spaced bathroom, it becomes easier to stay organized and clean. You won’t be fighting for his/her towel space ever again. You can even stack all your shampoos and bath trinkets on this shelf. If you are an avid reader, then choosing this sweet little Love shelf for mounting your beloved book collection in a cozy look beside your bed or living room wall will add grandeur and pop in the room.

Love-KANKEI designs operate to fit into your small space needs, and there will not be a single corner unused with these innovative decor grabs. When every inch of shelf space is valuable, these decorative products blend in seamlessly into the display space and create a multi-functional zone in small rooms.

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