Too Many Decorative Pieces in House and Nothing to Hold Them? Shop Unique Wall Shelves!

We are collectors by nature and our homes speak visually about the passion that we follow. Everyone loves to create a unique space, but there is a perpetual tussle for space. Get groovy with wall shelves; it is the new age decor trend.

Recapture the walls of your homes to decorate multiple storage places at a time. There is no end to the corners and nooks one can use with walls, whether its an accent wall or floor to ceiling displays. Love-KANKEI shows you how to do it with rustic and contemporary wooden shelves from its exquisite collection.

Wall floating shelves

Playful Elements:

Have fun with geometric shapes and abstract features on the wall, DIY a set of wall-mounted floating shelves into a stunning art installation style. Merge a bunch of shelves to create a bigger picture when you look at the shelves, like a large alphabetical letter, a circle, a set of oddly placed shelves for 3D wall collage-like entertainment. It is ideal for a feature wall or in the kids' bedroom. Add different shapes and sizes to make it look interesting, it doesn’t always have to be in boring single lines.

Patio Delight:

Say goodbye to a bare patio or porch, now make your entrance and backyard an all-weather delight by installing box-shaped rustic wall shelves. You will love to show off delicate garden fairies, gnomes, artifacts, hanging vines, decadent small potted flowers, and attractive succulents. So whether you are enjoying your glass of wine in the evening or hosting a tea party, your shelved wall garden will remain an eye-catching point of envy and conversation starter.

Kitchen wall decoration

House Number plate:

Have you thought of DIYing your house name and number plate with a wooden shelf? Aren’t these tiny shelves an excellent way to decorate your house plate? Just add them as a base and it will work wonders for making the first impression. You can now add your personalized details on the shelf, like a tiny picture frame of the family, a tiny mirror to ward off negative energy, or a pot of aromatic lucky herbs. Whatever suits your style, these shelves won’t pull on your budget strings.

Shower space Envy:

Bathroom wall shelves

Getaway with the mundane bathroom shelves and go for designer boat shaped shelves inside your shower cubicle. Rustle things up and make it look luxurious with a collection of bath essentials. The body of these wooden shelves is elegantly curved and has a unique metal pattern that looks like a custom bespoke piece of art. It’s all about squeezing in a touch of romance in your shower routine, these shelves will inspire you to keep spa essentials handy for a relaxing start of the day.

Go on treat yourself with a shelving renovation; make your home a paradise with these simple and practical life hacks. If you are still looking to gift the women in your life the ultimate present then these shelves are the best option to make her day, every day! Love-KANKEI home decor accessories steal the show for being attractive, trendy and ingenious pieces for gifts.



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