How to Decor Your Kitchen with Beautiful Kitchen Accessories?

Say goodbye to boring kitchen wallpapers and accessories, this New Year upgrades your cooking space with chic decor and practical shelving ideas.

The kitchen is the hub of the house; it is not just a place to whip up hot meals, but also a retreat to unwind after a stressful day. Food is comforting and so should be the space, make your kitchen look vibrant and cozy with life-changing hacks from Love-KANKEI.

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Cheery Shelving:

We know cabinets are pretty traditional and worth all the storage space, but they are also bulky and occupy the walls completely. Add a welcoming ambiance with integrated wooden kitchen shelves.  An open concept will allow you to stackless unwanted stuff, keep things clean, easy to manage and also provide ample storage. To make things interesting you can paint the wooden shelves with cheery tons of soft blue, pink and white. These shelves not only manage your jars, pots, and pans but also are convenient for appliance storing. The bonus is now you can have an attractive backsplash without large cabinets blocking the chic view.

The Barn Style:

A minimalist at heart will love these rustic kitchen shelves  that give off farmhouse or barn style vibes. These wooden shelves come with extra hooks so that you can show off your spoons and ladles collection. Make your cookery space look high-functional and homey with these storage racks from ceiling to floor. Your lower cabinet drawers will now have more space for plates and other accessories. The countertops too will look neat and spacey with all the bulk of kitchen utensils and jars stacked on these multi-purpose shelves. Also, you will end up with a clean area for meal preps on the counters. You can line the back walls with dynamic wallpaper to add personal touch and oomph.

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Little Things:

The devil is always in the details, and having tiered serving trays will not only enhance the visual aesthetics but also give you the chance to display your favorite cooked items. Mornings are a perpetual rush, adding tiered serving platters make it effortless to grab a quick breakfast from the kitchen island or counter. Fill the trays with all kinds of assortments, one can have fresh fruits, the other can display toast, waffles, pancakes and finally some cheese, mayonnaise, or butter on the lower tray. It will look like a feast spread every day and you will end up being in a healthy state of mind and body, a good start to the day.

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Keeping it Cool:

Modern kitchen dynamics are fast changing; we no longer have a separate room for cooking space. Most of the apartment styled kitchens blend in with the living room, add glamour with a bright patterned rug, lively dining table with eccentric seating, mood lighting, and Zen ambiance by adding aroma candles on the wooden shelves. Keep it cool, casual and contemporary.

So ladies now that we have piqued your interest in renovating ideas for your kitchen with the help of Love-KANKEI accessories, you can start planning on your designs for decorating your kitchen without breaking the budget. We know the quintessential immaculately white kitchen never goes out of style, so if you wish to just embellish then investing in these comfort accessories will be the ideal choice.

Create a harmonious flow between the decor and your personal decorating style with unified and simplified Love-KANKEI kitchen accessories, the interior decor of the future.


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