5 Creative Kitchen Spice Rack Storage Ideas

The last thing while meal prep is running out of your choicest spice, getting a handy solution to store them in compact spaces can get challenging.

We all love to prepare elaborate meals for our family and friends, your frame of mind might get ruined with all the jars and bottles of spices crowding on the countertops or inside the cabinets. A smart kitchen solution is to have a chic spice rack so that you can know which one is missing or needs a refill for your next piping hot meal. Love-KANKEI never falls short of surprising with dainty home decor accessories, not even when you live in a tiny city apartment.

kitchen spice rack

Industrial spice rack:

Looking to create an extra edge with metallic elements in your kitchen? Then these metallic racks will gel with modern loft style kitchen ambiance, they are a bonus when you feel like fitting all of your serving spoons in one place. The metallic hooks hold fast, even daily use pots and pans, an ideal less expensive pan pot organizer wall shelf. The idea of installing it just above your kitchen sink will save time while cooking and cleaning utensils. Also, it will allow you to place all of your spice jars within reachable distance. Besides being sturdy it is also rust-free, its versatility counts for people with limited storage space.

kitchen shelves

Out of Sight racks:

Most of the time we love to show off the fashionable backsplash along with the rustic cabinets. A hidden spice rack works well for those who do not like drilling holes in their kitchen walls. These compact floating shelves can be mounted on the back of kitchen doors and inside the bottom or top cabinets. They can even be tucked away in the corner space without drawing much attention. It is an ideal way to keep things off the reach of pets and children.  

Double storage:

Effortlessly store all of your kitchen needs with this dual wall mounted kitchen spice rack. These two-tiered shelves will hold kitchen towels, cookbooks, oil, vinegar, baking utensils, and other daily items along with your spice selections. The urban aesthetics gives a contemporary vibe and fits in standard-sized jars and bottles with ease. Automatically freeing up ample space on the countertops and Kitchen island.

Kitchen wall shelve

Use up the corner:

Coming in attractive design and three different colors, these corner enhancing kitchen wall shelves are ideal for tiny sized kitchens. You can choose between carbonized black, grey and woody tones. The three elevated shelves add glamour to your bare corner walls and create an expandable spot for the spice jars. You can even decorate the shelves with pots of herbs that can go with every meal. An eye-catchy kitchen garden can be cultivated from tiny living space with these robust shelves.

Getting to Basics:

Impressed with your grandma's storage styles, then these farmhouse chic floating shelves come in handy while creating your perfect cooking space. Excellent for the pantry and dry items they serve in multipurpose ways. It is easy to mount and less strainful on the budget when you plan out a major kitchen renovation. Feel creative to add your own personal touch by painting it or sticking vibrant wallpaper to the wooden base.

Now it’s graceful to reach out for the oregano or red chili sauce while whipping up a spicy meal. Indulge in a flavorful spice of life with Love-KANKEI home accessories and make vertical storage an up-to-the-minute aspect of your daily lifestyle.


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