Things to Avoid When Renovating the Bedroom

When we work on an unrealistic budget, disasters happen. The bedroom is meant to be like an oasis for a worn-out sojourner. But sometimes we go way too far from complimenting the original architectural style with the interiors.

Call in a professional while planning on a renovation in your bedroom instead of using your own DIY skills. You might miss out on the minute details and stuff the space with too much furniture and clashing accessories. If you need a cheaper solution then first create a mood board for the face lift of your living space. There are a few keys things that you need to avoid while maintaining the ambiance of the room.

Too much lighting:

We know lighting is essential for any given space, but the bedroom needs to be calm and tranquil. Avoid installing too many light fixtures on the walls and ceilings, instead, go for mood lighting or even floor lamps will do the trick of maintaining the luminescence without disturbing the peace.

Being over trendy:

Sometimes we tend to go with the fashionable interior catalogs and order furniture pieces that look trendy but don’t serve the purpose. Do not clutter the room with plenty of heavy furniture that won’t be used on a daily basis. Instead, play minimalist by installing rustic wall mounted floating shelves, all of your art and books can effortlessly fit in on the shelves giving enough floor space in an apartment bedroom. Things will remain out of sight for those who love clean lines and tidiness.

Going for Excessive Art:

Photographs and artworks work like memories that pass on and stay fresh with time. But covering every inch of the wall with them is not commendable. Installing black hanging photo frames by Love-KANKEI that can hold several photos at a time is a genius trick. You can even create a stunning visual headboard for the bed with them by embellishing the display with fairy lights. There will never arise the need to drill too many holes in the wall for numerous picture frames, plus its an easy DIY task to accomplish.

Avoid Permanent Colors:

Play around with the walls by putting up removable wallpaper, this investment will not cost much. Plus you can always change them as per your mood and occasion, thus creating patterns and prints on the wall according to your choice. Mix and match warm and cool colors to make the bedroom appear serene. 

Save Space:

Love-Kankei accessories like the 5 tire corner shelf will allow you to make optimal use of the corner walls for extra storage. In case it’s a kid's bedroom, then all of the toys and storybooks can stay hidden giving the room an illusion of being spacious. Switch up a dresser for a nightstand if you lack space for separate night tables. This way you can slip all of your bedding material into the dresser stand.

Rid your bedroom of all the electronics and things that do not produce cheerfulness and romance. Nothing is more lazy and non-glamorous than having the whole room to match. Bedrooms with a mixture of colors and patterns have the most luxurious undertones. Indulge in such rich variety with Love-Kankei home decor accessories and avoid creating designing faux-pas while renovating your bedroom.



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