How Wall Decoration Can be More Important For Home Decor?

Visual art gives added impact to any blank space, your home walls are a blank canvas and you can use it them in optimal ways to create a statement luxury home.

Artwork and photographs enhance any living space and insert personality to different zones. A lounge area can be depicted with soothing photo frames, the dining area with more of family picture frames and the office area can be done up with motivational statement pieces. Each zone in the house can be determined by the kind of aesthetic optical focal point that you desire to show off. Bare walls scream for attention and a vibrant frame always compliments the décor by bringing it alive.

Symphony for family time:

The character of the house is resolute when family gatherings are marked with nostalgia and memories. There are various ways to add a personal touch to any family frames throughout the house. Family hanging photo frames adorned in a narrow passage give a striking gallery effect, they also make the entryway standout with family pictures. One to break the ice among visiting guests is by hanging picture frames in the dining area, they are great conversation start points. Bringing a special moment alive in the bedroom with delicate family picture frames in golden and pastel hues is another way to remember loved ones.

Mix Matching with the Furniture:

We tend to coordinate the furniture with the wall art, but the latest trends suggest that mix-matching pieces of furniture with the artwork will elevate the ambiance. Combining black and white pictures with black hanging photo frames above an elusively carved out settee or wooden bench creates a rustic feel. The space above the fireplace can display art collections in varying lengths of the frames.

Illuminate the contemporary décor in the living room by showing off vivid pictures on an accent wall. You can combine mirrors with paintings on the wall to give a tiny space the illusion of appearing larger than life. This will flatteringly harmonize with the large furniture in the room.

Commemorate in Style:

Whether it is remembering a loved one who has passed away or displaying your achievements, a black shadow box frame  is a minimalist way to inspire. Hanging up antique pieces around the box frame will bring back the nostalgia and elude an eclectic feel. These look excellent on whitewashed walls in the entryway and the corner walls.

No bare Kitchen Walls:

An array of china plates on the wall looks stunning even for a casual visitor, by installing a kitchen shelf with hooks one can get the opulence of storage as well as daily functionality. Especially in tiny kitchen spaces where you cannot get elaborate cabinetry work, these floating shelves act as extra countertops and also bring in a pop of sensationalism with their wooden design.

Love-KANKEI is an obvious choice when it comes to dynamic wall décor for homes. They have varied designs on wall shelves, now creating a museum styled bookshelf complete with art treasures is possible even in compact spaces. The DIY wooden picture frames can hold multiple photos at a time. You can even split the picture frames into different sections of the room to give a dramatic effect.

An instant breezy effect with a family heirloom can now be achieved with Love-KANKEI wall décor designs. If you love the idea of subtle flair on bare spaces then wall decoration is important when it comes to home design and Love-KANKEI turns blank ramparts into cohesive pieces of artwork.

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