The Secrets of a Great Home Design: Moving Beyond the Obvious

The moment we become proud homeowners the first thing that we plan is convoluted interior design. We work on beautifying every inch of a tiny apartment or a magnificent mansion to perfection. The wallpaper must not be too busy, the corners must not jut out at jagged angles, the statement piece must be displayed at the right degree, and the paint job must go with the overall decor theme. It is total chaos when it comes to adding finishing touches to a sophisticated living space. We have some inspirational ideas to minimize damage and maximize the appeal of your home with our dramatic decor tips.

While you want to increase the grandeur of a small space add a large art or wall mural as a focal point. Do not cramp the space with multiple artworks and exhibits; keep it simple when it comes to drawing the attention inside the room. Switch up the mood of the space with a multi-colored palette, dress the furniture with contemporary upholstery. If the couch is made out of pure leather then place colorful cushions for an eye-catching effect. Add a piece of bold rug for highlighting the floor. Mix and match patterns to create a bohemian vibe, if you are not a fan of too much color, then a monochrome tone will set things in motion.

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While opting for Scandinavian themes decorate the walls with black and white wall hanging photo frames. Paint the window panes black to create a mesmerizing outline to draw in natural light and scenery. Add furniture that is minimal and multi-functional, keep the exhibits at nominal. In the kitchen, one can blend in the traditional and modern decor themes for a unique pattern. The dining area can be set to a formal tone with a rustic wooden table, vintage crockery sets and chairs fashioned out of old reclaimed woods. The cooking and prepping area can be done up with bold backsplash, marble kitchen countertops, glass wall cabinets and buoyant shelves with modern appliances.

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Renovations can be a strain on the budget when it comes to revamping hallways, powder rooms, and small spaces. Instead, opt for a funky wallpaper to transform these ordinary areas into masterpieces. The right style of lighting also creates a welcoming ambiance, poorly lit spaces are sore to the eyes. Highlight your living room wall decor with spot and soft lighting. Ceiling light fixtures with paneled design structures are ideal to set various moods while relaxing or lounging. Re-decorate your light switches as well to add spectacular effect, switches done in gold and silver tones insert a luxurious tone.

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Draw attention to your antique collection with elegant floor lights, invest in dark colors too. A black background will look trendy for showcasing gold plated design elements on the wall. Get creative with asymmetrical organic spaces and create a conversational pit for engaging the guests into forgetting their phones and indulge in healthy tête-à-tête (a private conversation between two people) instead.

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Homes are built as personal spots for relaxation and entertainment with Love-Kankei the design flow continues with its innovative and functional home decor products. Choose from their range of gallery-inspired picture frames online, the stylish jewelry holders, the rustic shelves and the geometric vases. These items anchor any given living space and convert it into an enriched haven. Your home will look curated and bespoke with the presence of these utilitarian decor items.



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