Bring Your Walls Alive With Modern Wall Shelves

While planning on the interior decor for any room we randomly assume that our walls will be left either empty or jam-packed with murals and art items. We fail to organize a structured pattern on these blank canvases. The contemporary interior designers have started a trend whereby even the mundane looking walls get a chic makeover. 3D wallpapers, elegant wooden panels, and life-size oil paintings are the latest decor trends. Still, if you are someone who loves the traditional set up of photo frames and family heirloom exhibits then modern wall shelves are the ideal set up.

Forget sitting slumped in front of the TV when you have a color-coded bookshelf right behind the entertainment corner. The wall behind the TV is a forgotten spot; convert it into a built-in library with floating shelves horizontally or vertically. It will grab immediate attention and on a rainy day, you would rather sit cozy with a book in hand than the remote.

Wall hanging Shelves

While in the kitchen the cabinets take most of the wall space and hide the intricate backsplash on display. To camouflage this element and make the space more inviting add rustic wooden wall shelves in between the wall cabinets. Place your delicate crockery on display, could be designer wine glasses, china bone, printed trays, and mug collection. Keep switching the pots and plates according to the occasion, decor theme, and the weather. Your guests will forever admire your elaborate collection.

Shelves can be cleverly arranged as strategic statement pieces on the wall or as narrow shelves which look much like magazine racks to hold your coffee table book collection. As the center of the attention on bare walls, they can display tiny houseplants, beautiful accessories, sculptures, and artworks. Arranging them in geometric patterns will give a unique taste and enhance the ambiance.

Wall decorative frames

The laundry room needs a bit of warmth than its damp and cold atmosphere, by adding potted plants, family photo frames and bright exhibits it can transform into a hidden hangout. Adding shelves will also create extra storage space for towels, washing powders and other items that you generally cramp up into lower kitchen cabinets. You can also invest in hanging photo frames to exhibit your new-found love for photography and turn it into a mini picture gallery.

Having a fashionable sink vanity is almost like a luxury these days; small apartments lack the storage space in tight bathrooms. To make them look spacious add floating shelves on the wall, DIY and color them with gold tones to make them sophisticated. All the additional toiletries and vanity affairs can be stored in this magical space. Kid’s bedrooms end up looking messy with toys and books lying all around. Shelves can turn into manageable, organized nooks with coir baskets kept on them for toys and all the extra items.

wall mounted Jewelry organised

Shelves add a pop of color to the unexciting walls; they are functional and versatile. Wall-mounted jewelry holders by Love-Kankei are one such unique option while decorating your vanity space. They also have a range of wall shelves that blend in with any given decor theme. Add visual interest to the walls with wrought iron handled wooden shelves; things look tucked away and neat too. The flexibility of the shelves makes them the modern choice for bringing the walls alive in any living space.

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