Wall and Desk Planters Vase - 3 Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Vase for Your Home Design

Fresh oxygen for the lungs and a sight for the sore eyes – indoor plants are the natural stress busters and decor enhancers. Decorating our living spaces with these air purifiers will keep us rejuvenated at all times. Contemporary interior design has gone through tremendous changes and we can now place portable potted plants on our desk space and office areas.

Modern pots and vases have undergone sleek design transformation and are available in an array of styles, colors, materials, shapes, and patterns. Since then shopping for potters online and offline has become challenging, we need to choose the right one according to our personal taste in complementary to the theme of the living space. We have come up with some easy pointers to save time and budget when it comes to buying decorative and functional vases.

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The size and the type of plant must be in proportion to the vase or planter while selecting keep a picture or mental visualization of the plant that you require to beautify your living area. Now choose the planter accordingly, keep in mind the size of the plant. If it is a cactus you will need a small vase if the plant is an ideal air purifier for indoors then a large terracotta planter is idyllic. You can also mix and match the sizes to create a unique style for displaying plants in the entryways or hallways.   

Geometric wall planters look heavenly for succulents and small plants that require less maintenance and are high on-trend. Fashioning a feature wall out of such unique patterns will make a statement piece in your home and office environments. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically to generate the perfect mood.

Wall and Desk Planters Vase White

If you are planning on creating your own herb garden in the kitchen with limited spacing, then placing floating wall vases are the alternative option. Keep in mind the bigger picture, the placement of the plants will also depend on the space available. Perhaps you want to decorate your kitchen window sill; it is obvious smaller plants adorn the sill. For office desks, a small flowering or cactus enhances the ambiance. For the terrace deck, you will ideally place large potters.

Wall and Desk Planters Vase White

Amplify the decor with a blend of traditional and chic, modern decorative floor vases for the bedroom and the living room. Your room will not need expensive wall art or exhibits for the admiring if you have a center vase with exquisite and blooming flowers as a masterpiece. You could even make a live floral headboard out of mounted vases in a variety of shapes and materials.

Love-Kankei lets your imagination run wild along with the green thumb that you possess to revamp the decor. If you fancy turning your bathroom into a jaded paradise then these intricate ceramic and copper vase collection are the perfect green vessel. They are unbreakable and styled flatteringly well to compliment any design theme. The copper holder stands out as an elegant fixture and makes it a distinctive aesthetic pair for your all of your living decor dreams.

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