The New Home Essentials - Wall Shelves and Photo Frame

Imagine having a space that is cluttered with all your exhibits on the floor, the living space will look jam-packed and chaotic. Or it could mean the total opposite with vintage heirlooms, photos, memorabilia, and artwork, stuffed in boxes lying forgotten in some corner. In both such cases, we need a chic, sophisticated and organized decor solution that will make our living spaces look ambient. Wall shelves and hanging photo frames are the nouveau essentials that rock any interior theme. We are offering you some valuable tips on how to combine these two and create an interior masterpiece for your home.

floating pattern of wall shelves

A layered photo gallery above the couch in the living room adds depth and makes the living area look cozy with memories. If your space is lacking a multi-story cabinet or a TV cabinet the installing a floating pattern of wall shelves around the entertainment area is an excellent idea. Display little trophies you have collected while on vacation or your getaway photographs; turn it into a feature wall for an amazingly lesser budget.

Home decorative wall floating shelves

The entryway that normally looks bland can be turned into an exclusive luxury corner with incense stick holders and a grand decorative mirror flanked by rustic wooden wall shelves. Imagine your guests feeling rejuvenated while entering your home with the aromatic ambiance created due to incense sticks. But wall mounted shelves inside the washroom will help generate positive vibes. Arrange these shelves with books, aromatic candles and air purifying plants, an ideal way to spend the time reading in the washroom if you are a bookworm.

Floating wall shelves set 3

The master bedroom of yours lacks an elaborate headboard? Then what are you waiting for? Install attractive photo frames.

They could be of the same size, shape, color or entirely according to your mood and choice. Align them in a fun pattern over your bed and voila! You have a unique headboard filled with lifetime memories. If this is the interior design plan for a teen’s bedroom, then decorate further with glittery accessories and fairy lights.

wooden photo frames for wall


Your kitchen too can be turned into a designer masterpiece with wall mounted herb garden and the dining space wall turned into a mini art gallery. Home essentials like these make any interior theme an extravagant affair, their simplicity, and multi-functional properties make wall shelves and photo frames an indispensable part of daily living.

family photo frame for wall decorative

Love-Kankei can up your obsession with primitive home decor, they have crafted a superlative collection of these basic functional items. These come in a sleek industrial as well as farmhouse chic designs. You can install them even in your private powder rooms for a glam effect. Messy interiors will be a thing of the past, your deep love for photography can take the desired mode with their funky range of photo frames. Box your memories like little pockets of joy in a wooden display or leave them hanging from the walls.

Now every time guests step into your house they won’t be able to take their eyes off your decorated walls. Adorn your living areas with these powerful yet symbolic home accessories and relive in the joy of creating a beautiful home.


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