3 Home Clutter Culprits to Fix Before You Move

Whenever we plan on moving on in life towards a better future, it is wise enough to unclutter our personal and living space from the toxic past. We often accumulate items which are unnecessary and carry them around while shifting to a new space. Clutter can create negative energy and this, in turn, affects the overall vibe of the house. In order to have a positive flow throughout the house, we can follow some simple tricks and tips.

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The largest area where we need to start first is our very own closet, how many pairs of shoes do we own? Are they of the same style and make? How many outfits are of the same color and design? Do we own an extra pair of jeans, skirts, and attires that have shrunk with age? The tough question begins when we have kids in the house too. The answer is donating the extras spilling out from the bottom of our closets. Make a neat inventory of all the clothing items and accessories, then put them in large boxes and donate them to shelters or charity homes. This closet organizational system will allow you to color coordinate the objects, keep a check on whether specific clothes and always maintain a small structured collection of designer wear that is an absolute essential.

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Another area that requires ninja organizational skills are the kitchen, we eat, breath and spend the maximum amount of time in this multi-functional area. Things can get too messy with the kitchen countertops filled with jars, pots, and pans. Also, the breakfast nook might look like a kitchenware display table with constant leftovers in plates and cutlery thrown around. A well-designed set of wall shelves can take the load off the countertops; make sure to keep only an exquisite collection of chinaware and dishes. Keep the clutter minimal with putting the cutlery into the drawers; neat containers with food items can be stored in pantries. Old and used electric equipment must be disposed of; the existing appliances can be stored into higher ceiling cabinets.

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The bookshelves and entryway are other key focal points; we do not want crowded entry as we open the door for guests. Often we allow ourselves to put off our jackets, coats, shoes and other knick-knacks right next to the main entrance. This creates a negative impression; organize the things with a wooden shoe cabinet. Decorate the entryway with artwork and designer mirrors; keep scented candles to create a positive ambiance. Donate extra books from your library collection to schools or community centers. If you have empty space on the shelves, then arrange photos, flower vases, and attractive sculptures.

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The best way to get rid of clutter is by planning to re-design your living spaces with an attractive interior design theme. Love-Kankei is an innovative design store where you can buy multi-functional decor accessories. These items are ideal for creating a clutter-free home; you will enjoy the fresh approach in having a hanging herb garden in the kitchen with floating shelves, or a well-exhibited jewelry stand, and photo frames that add vintage nostalgia as well as a chic touch to the walls.

You will get addicted to an eased out routine in life with these gorgeous Love-Kankei decor items and the stress of moving to a new place will be the least of your concerns.


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