4 Jewelry Storage you will Encounter in your Next Trip

Vacation trinkets are part of the shopping experiences that women love to indulge in while traveling. But having bought enough jewelry to put any queen to shame where would you stash your precious collection? Space is a luxurious constraint these days and many small apartment owners are looking for innovative ways to display and store their exquisite jewelry collections. We have some practical ideas to make you fall in love with gems and stones once again.

When the admiration for delicate china cups can turn into a full-fledged passion, elusive necklaces, pearls, and chains need to be stored separately. You have picked up an antique chest with elaborate drawers; paint the chest according to your choice. Arrange the china cups in the drawer into velvet casings and voila! You have individual jewelry organizer units for all your pearls, gems and earrings. Not only will you be the proud owner of fine-patterned chinaware, but also jewelry from around the world.

Jewelry organizer

Wondering how to decorate your bedroom headboard? DIY a set of wooden jewelry blocks. You bed headboard will now look unique with multi-colored bangles, faux chains, beaded necklaces, and fake diamond earrings. The exhibit will be eye-catchy and you can even label the blocks according to the quests you have undertaken from around the world. Choose to color the blocks gold with a black background for the wall, this will let a pop-up decor effect.

wall mounted necklace holder

Large travel wall mounted necklace holder as a picture frame with hooks is the best way to create a storyboard out of your travels with the jewelry collected from around the globe. Paint the frame according to your choice and hang out the jewels onto the hooks. It will be an incredible project for any vibrant themed lounge or powder room. Hang a few memorable pictures for a touch of nostalgia.

The best you can pick up from your travel escapades is a jewelry tree stand; they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. You can place them where ever you want, they can turn into a statement centerpiece on your coffee table, placed on the dressing table as an exhibit, or in the powder room for a dramatic effect. They occupy less space and are ideal for a chic modern lifestyle. You can display all of your jewel passions on these stunning art pieces.

Jewelry Tree Stand White and Carbonized Black

Love-Kankei has gone ahead and brilliantly designed some gorgeous black and white jewelry stands. They come in all kinds of range, shape, and layout. You can mount them on the wall; these carry cute messages and are ideal for a teen’s bedroom. The white metal and wood basic jewelry stand to look stylish for a diva who loves to dress up herself and her interior decor. The six-tier metal organizer can fit in your entire earring obsession, store gem stoned rings at its base and also hold intricate neck pieces.

These stands are the best gifts one can opt for your lady love or surprise yourself if you are a connoisseur of beauty. Love-Kankei designs are practical and multi-functional for any living space.




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