Take Your Home Back To Basics With These Beautiful Wall Decorations

When we need some fresh inspiration to transform the room, where do we begin? It is the walls that can immediately set the tone and the mood for any given living space. Incorporating more of subtle tones and dynamic combination of modern wall displays is exactly what Love Kankei interior items are all about. Let’s dig into some of the trendy moods of wall decoration to create a stunning basic look.

Wall Display Shelf


Creating a Flow

Maintaining a design flow throughout the room is a part of elegance, the floating shelves should match the decor items that it adorns, the wall displays must be of a proportionate shape, the paintings must fit in the theme of the room and the furniture must match the decorations on the wall. These little details if taken care of can create a soothing ambience instead of jagged statement pieces.

Enhance the Existing

You are bound to have tiny packed shower space in city apartments and this makes bathroom storage a Herculean task. Make use of the heightened ceilings in the bathroom and install high wooden shelves running across the walls. Thus, you will make area to store away bath essentials, spa items, extra towels, mood candles, bath bombs, salts and other items of daily use of these vintage inspired shelves. You can also hang picture frames, potted plants and embellish the shelves with art work to make your shower area look glam.

Unsophisticated Luxury

Hanging photoframes that depict random photographic scenes instead of the traditional family pictures in the dining area is unconventional. Choose classic wooden dining table along with rustic chairs, pair these with a hand woven jute rug and add a tall vase of fresh flowers on the table. Thus creating an eccentric vibe in the area, frame pictures that tell unique stories on the walls, ex. Hunting trip, camping site, mountain hike, etc. This will allow your guests to gather for interesting conversations while enjoying a hearty meal.

Spurce up the Stairway

Since you cannot fit in any furniture on the stairway, you can go for a well-designed wallpaper that brightens up the corner. Make the space more attractive by hanging shadowbox artwork on the walls of the stairways. These boxes can hold pictures, nostalgic memorabilia, dried plant art, and old vintage cards. If you lack a gallery wall, then this can easily be converted into one.

Stylish Goth Bedroom

If you are a lover of the dark and macabre then this style will definitely impress you. Have a collection of dark jewelry and need space to display them, then go for a jewelry organizer that can be effortlessly hanged on the wall and exhibited as side table decoratives. Install candle stands on the either side of the bed for a focused setting. Decorate the stand with black candles and weird shaped fairy lights. Thus, your bedroom will be a Gothic sanctuary, set mood lighting on the ceiling for an immediate scary effect. Anchor the room with goth inspired furniture and bed.

 Use the corners

Do not leave the kitchen corners unattended, create a niche space for all the mugs, saucers, cups and small jars by installing tier corner shelves. Fashion a dedicated place for all of your snack jars, pickle bottles, spice jars and even pet food. You can also grow your own indoor herb garden on these wall shelves that are sturdy metallic pieces. Embellish with cute art work and figurines for an eye-catchy effect.

Love Kankei has an array of dazzling interior decor products that will seamlessly integrate with any type of theme. These items are modern and vintage in their design and also easy to install. Thus bring your home back to basics with gorgeous wall decorations that make a huge style statement.

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