8 Best Creative Aesthetic Decor Ideas for Wall Decoration!

Forever thinking about jazzing up your drab walls and make them look attractive? There are plenty of ways to re-create the decor with schematic color themes, graphic and bold wall art, and hanging striking accessories. Love Kankei allows to remodel any nook and corner with its exclusive range of interior items. We suggest some creative aesthetic ideas for your living space that will blow your mind.

Wall Display shelf
  1. Showing off Antique

Accent walls can be the focal point in a bedroom or living area, decorate this space with wood panelling and embellish it with antique items. This gives a country side vibe to your existing space. Hang old china plates, murals, elegant tapestry or large scale artwork with golden frame to give a vintage touch. Space the items out to cover the whole wall and give it a gallery ambience.

  1. Wallpaper theme

Whimsical wallpaper in the bathroom paired with tier corner shelves is the latest trend that gives you the liberty to have extra storage space. Opt for eccentric prints and patterns, this will suit with wooden and metallic shelves that can hold your toiletries, spa items, bath essentials and even scented candles to create the perfect atmosphere to relax while bathing.

  1. Fun corner

Organize a fun space for the kids to hangout, hang badminton rackets, oars, life jackets, football gear and other play items on the wall. Keep a dedicated desk for them to draw and write, along with a chest full of toys for them to spread out on a colorful rug on the floor to play. Place a white or black board to write down entertaining thoughts or activities for the day, re-create the space to look like an entertaining summer camp spot.

  1. Funky Headboard

Have you imagined placing your favorite passages, quotes and lines from story books, novels or authors into a shadowbox? Romantic quotes, inspirational and funny ones can be nostalgic, put these into a shadowbox frame and hang it like a headboard above the bed. Adorn the display with fairy lights to create a soft ambience while falling asleep. This can also be done for a reading nook.

Tempting Laundry

Doing laundry can make one seem to have a mundane life, spice things up in the laundry room with a snack station. Install wall shelves to create space for snack and cookie jars, have an exotic collection of coffee mugs placed on these wooden shelves as a stunning exhibit. Make tea or coffee while you supervise the laundry and munch on assorted treats, the shelves can also be used to stack books and magazines for a leisure read while doing a chore.

  1. Hanging Vanity

Make your passage way look eye-catchy with a hanging jewelry hanger, not necessary you place all of your jewelry items in dressers and vanity stands. Exhibit your statement neck pieces, shiny bracelets, stunning earrings and other gorgeous necklaces. This will also allow the wall to become a featured focal point on entry. Put on show at your entryway as well with this setup, a spectacular mirror and an elegant table.

  1. Toilet Chic

Why does your tiny toilet suffer for being the most boring room in the household? Remodel the walls with crown ceiling and aesthetic artwork from hanging photoframes. Display quirky and funky artwork with these frames and cover the walls with memories. Add shelves and adorn them with potted plants to imbibe fresh air into the space.

Collectibles Galore

Everyone loves to collect some knick knacks or exotic pieces as heirloom or plain hobby, enclose all of your collectibles into a glass showcase as a dramatic wall display. Make use of the bare walls in the living room to have a floating wooden exhibit of all the kitsch artwork, sculptures, cars, camera’s, photos or any unconventional item that will instantly catch the attention. Spice things up by colorco-ordinating them and filling the space with uniquely salvaged items.

Thus Love Kankei is the ideal place to dig for any kind of interior decor item that can unlease your creativity and beautify your space. Now shop on a budget and get dazzling makeovers in an instant to suprise your loved ones.

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