How to Create On-Trend Styles for Your Living Room 2021!

So would you go with the earthy tones or with beach vibes? Especially since we all are stuck at home for the most part of the year it becomes imperative that we remodel our space a bit to ease things out and bring a sense of balance. Love Kankei interior decor allows you to skip the drudgery of life and chose trendy items for your living room. Take cues from our suggestion and enjoy a happy space!

ShadowBox photo frame

Craving Outdoors

Being stuck in our homes for months now has made all of us crave exotic vacations and the charming outdoors. Bring in the magic of plants by adding succulents into shadowbox frames for an attractive earthy design on the living room wall. These plants do not need much of nurturing and water so they effortlessly thrive under any situation. Create a featured gallery with these plants on floating wall shelves. Place tall potted plants on the floor and pair them with stunning floor lamps. Green decor certainly calms the spirit and creates a peaceful ambience all year round.

Granny Trend

Feeling nostalgic if you are living alone in a city apartment? Find solace with the ‘granny trend’ that is picking up among the millennials. This allows you to re-create your living room in retro vintage style with lush love couches, winged chairs and wooden tables. Decorate the walls with china plates, hats and other delicate figurines from fairytales. Show off your family lineage by adding pictures of your ancestors on tier corner shelves. Add knitted and quilted rugs, pillows and patterned curtains for the windows, thus, living a country style life.

Beautify the Home office

Working for hours from an uninspiring home office can make you feel the burnout real quickly. Turn things interesting by re-arranging your office desk, embellish it with a dried flower vase, insightful books, colorful paper weight and minimal office stationary. Hang peppy quotes, picutures, art work and stylish wall displays to keep you in the bright side of the mood while achieving your targets. Position the home office in your living room next to a window for healthier light and ventilation. Add a furry rug under your chair and place a fluffy cushion for a comfortable back rest. Thus beautifying your work space keep your senses energized.

Open Roof

Getting adequate natural lighting in the home is a boon, make sure you have a skylight window or a chic glass roof window to spice things up in the living room. Build a hanging photoframe wall right under this innate display of light. You wouldn’t need any artificial luminescence to put all the focus on your stunning photography skills. Embellish the walls with black and white picture frames, large cut outs of your favorite vacation, or simply small gallery styled art.

Love Kankei is equipped with providing your amazing memories over a period of time with their hand picked interior design items. They come with a sense of vintage nostalgia since each piece is crafted to perfection and has a sensual woody element. Re-model your living room with these unique interior items and make your space ambient for 2021.

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