Stylish Christmas Decor Ideas to Fill Your Home with Holiday Cheer!

Holiday cheer is infectious and we take utmost care to binge on Christmas decorations throughout the house. Jolly vibes are the need of the season, when you have so many decor items to choose from Love Kankei it surely spoils your taste. We have plenty of tips and tricks to renovate your living space into a winter wonderland with these quirky and versatile interior products.

Gift Shelve

If you think clutter under the Christmas tree is unorganized and you have to constantly watch out for pets and small kids ruining your festive setup. Then there is a unique way to display all of your gifts, put them on floating shelves around the living room. These rustic looking wooden shelves are an excellent way to make things look chic and of course the gifts will be neatly placed to perfection. Gift wrap them in attractive paper and be the envy of the town. Add tiny Christmas decorations i.e. colorful balls, reindeer, santa etc for a visually stunning effect.

Gorgeous Doormat

Sometimes simple holiday inspired interiors can add panache to any corner, DIY your mundane doormats with Christmas inspired cutouts. Place a cutout of Christmas tree, santa, candy cane etc onto the mat and paint it with vibrant colors. Voila! you have effortlessly transformed the plain mat into a glam decor to welcome the guests.

tier wall shelve

Hot Cocoa Bar

Create a hot cocoa bar corner by putting up tier wall corner shelves and utilizing the corner space. Place a vintage table underneath as an elegant counter with holiday snacks, sweets, homemade cookies and winter decoration. Adorn the shelves with drinking mugs, sugar jar, candy jars and customized wooden sign saying ‘Hot drinks served Here’. This will a fun corner especially for the kids and your loved ones.

Ladder of Memories

A ladder made out of reclaimed wood is an exceptional project for kids to decorate and put it up in their bedroom as a Christmas tree. Decorate the ladder with pom-poms, wreaths, colorful balls, and hanging photo gallery. The wooden picture collage will make the setting nostalgic and memorable with curated family pictures. Also hang traditional Christmas cards and embellish the ladder with effervescent fairy lights.

Bright and Merry Bathroom

Do not limit your fantasies to the living and bedrooms, instead create a pretty bathroom with complete with holiday cheer. By having wooden shelves in this space you will allow extra storage and a stylish bathroom organizer. Beautify the shelves with holiday themed books, scented candles, small spruce trees, golden reindeer sculpture, tiny winter themed houses that can hold all of your bathing essentials, and sparkling decorations for a twinkly glow. Switch luminaires into star-shaped light bulbs, use gold and silver for a luxurious atmosphere. So the ambience in the bathroom will remain in high spirits and raise up your mood instantly throughout this merry time of the year.

Starry Pot Rack

Who says you cannot hang stars in the kitchen? Use your kitchen pot rack as an anchor and hang stars of different shapes, sizes and color to give your cooking space an instantaneous makeover. You could DIY stars of metallic paper, gold paper, metal and also wood to give the rack a three dimensional winter wonderland effect. Add a striking festive banner to complete the voguish look.

Spread the holiday magic with these distinctive decor ideas and exhibit all of the Christmas goodies in style. At Love Kankei you will joyfully surrender to the vast collection and fill your home with pleasant holiday merriment.

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