Festival Season Cleaning and Organizing ideas for freshening Home!

It’s truly the end of the year and we are gearing up for a season of mistletoe and wine. Since we are all stuck at home during this festive time of the year, it becomes fun to clean and organize our living spaces to host endless joyous parties. Love Kankei is the perfect place to choose your festive decor from since the items bring in warmth and cheer. Stick with us to discover scintillating ideas for freshening your homes during this celebratory time of year.


 An Elegant Display

Of course your living room will be the focal point of all festive gatherings, thus making it the center of attraction. Choose wooden floating shelves to exhibit holiday decorations and also to store extra items. Make sure to water your Christmas tree so that it doesn’t shed pines all over the floor, a faux tree is always an ideal choice for chic interior decoration. Make your living room display attractive by hanging stockings, fairy lights and artificial green streamers around the wooden shelves. Especially in small apartments that lack a real fireplace, these shelves act like an alternative to the mantle space. Rearrange the exhibit pieces on these shelves to suit the occasion and prepare to host many cheers.

 A Side Arrangement

Renovate your bedroom space by adding shadow box photoframe to the bedside tables as stylish holiday decor. Embellish these photoframes with Christmas memories from the past i.e. family pictures, personalized cards or letters along with colored balls, bells, stars, reindeer, santa, tiny lights and pine cones with a bit of faux snow. These exhibits are a wonderful, unconventional choice for beautiful snow globes. Turn your lounge into a winter wonderland with this marvelous photoframe idea.

3. Spicy Affair

Yes of course you will be baking cinnamon buns/rolls, drinking a lot of spice tea and cooking decadent favorites this whole festive season. Why not have a dedicated spice station for effortlessly whipping up delicious meals? Organize all of your spice boxes, jars and bottles on wooden shelves over the kitchen counter or over the sink. This turns into a handy spice shelf that caters to your spice dreams. In between make space for your herbs too, a healthy green garden is always welcome for some scrunchy jovial salads.

4. A Joyous Bath

For some extra cheery mornings you can add shelving around the window sill or above the windows. Get into the mood by adding colorful holiday themed towels on this wooden rack, spiced candles, wine bottles with lights, candy cane jars, and other festive decorations to make your bathroom look merrier. These extra shelving can also be used as additional bathroom storage shelves when you have guests staying over at your place.

5. Center Piece Rack

The more the merrier is what they say when you have friends and family visiting you during the holiday season. Adding a kitchen pot rack above your cabinets or over your windows will provide all the space to display your chinaware, store your baking equipments, hang all the essential cooking items which are on daily use and also act as extra pantry storage area. You can also beautify these with trendy wreaths and ribbons, it will certainly add to the warmth of the hearth.

Organizing your home during the festive season is surely a daunting task, but with Love Kankei decor items it’s like a cake walk. All you need is some patience and your living space will be ready to welcome ‘awws’ and ‘ohhs’ with its stylish interiors.

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