Admiring Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Decor Lovers!

The best time of the year has arrived and we will be busy choosing gifts for our loved ones. Create innumerable memories with Love Kankei decor items, these are ideal for home makers and design enthusiasts who love to renovate and keep their homes chic according to the festive occasion. We have some lovely tips on gifting which will make your Christmas a personalized experience.

Winter Wonderland

Shadow box picture frame

Snow globes are romantic and make for a wonderful show piece, but you can effortlessly DIY the perfect snow globe scene into a shadow box photo frame. Customize it and turn the frame into a winter wonderland complete with faux Christmas trees, a village/countryside scape and with false snow. You can also put in cut outs of your family pictures or decorate the shadow box according to love theme, pet theme, or children’s theme. It makes for a touchy personal affair and a very thoughtful Christmas gift that can be put on display on the mantle space or on the center table.

Deck the Vanity

Since the festive season is all about the glitz and glamour make sure you the diva in you isn’t left out. Or do you know of a makeup crazy person who loves to flaunt her jewelry collection? A stunning jewelry organizer is all they need to show off the colors of Christmas. Gorgeous gems stuck on  rings and pendants in colors of red, gold and emerald. Earrings as trinkets, dazzling bracelets and studded gold chains will make the vanity area look opulent. Indulge in some silver framed mirror for an added luxurious effect.

Memories Galore

Rekindle fond memories by generously adding family photographs on a wall hanging photo frame. You can create a family Christmas tree with pictures from your grandparents era to the present, hang these on a collage wooden frame for a vintage effect. Meticulously curate rare photographs and add them to the hanging frame, then gift wrap it for a surprise emotional present for your loved ones.

Movie Binge Set

Everyone loves to binge watch series and Hallmark movies during the winter season, especially around the festive times. To make these moments memorable gift popcorn holders, coffee mugs, exotic trays/food holders, scented diffusers, wine holders, wine glasses, bar sets, small comfy cushions and snug blankets. Effortlessly exhibit these items on hanging display shelves for visual appeal, you can also renovate it into a feature wall on budget for the holiday season. These corner shelves not only convert into extra storage space, but also provide an area for you to chill while watching your favorite shows.

Face pot exhibit

Have a green thumb? Or know anyone who loves the company of plants? Then, gifting them face pot style potted plants is an excellent way to celebrate nature. Put seed bags, soil and pots in a cardboard box or simply assemble them and send it to your friends and family for an eco-friendly way to celebrate winter. These can be prominently displayed on tier corner wall shelves in the entryway, washroom, kitchen and the bedroom. Add warm Christmas sculpted scented candles with these subtle arrangements to make the house look more welcoming and bring in positive vibes.

Love Kankei decor items give endless inspiration to the Christmas moods, mix and match these chic decorative products to enhance the holiday vibes at home. And as you embellish your own space into winter decadence, these merchandise also makes for thoughtful gestures while gifting a loved one.



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