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When we are in a crunch for living space our books also face the veiled treatment. We hide our precious collection in trunks and drawers to save space. It is time to turn into the avid reader that you are and give your book friends a makeover. No need for major renovations, but simple accessories from the designer brand Love-KANKEI will suffice to quench your interior decor thirst.

Wall book shelve

Your shrewd designer eye will be satisfied with the sleek design and style of Love-KANKEI’s wall decors. We have curated some stunning home library ideas with chic accessories, so grab your favorite books and create a cozy reading nook to unwind after a hard day.

Built-In Seat:

wall decor book shelve

Comfort is the key, we have always seen a snug couch or armchair that is placed near the reading nook for extra comfort. But imagine being surrounded by wall mounted floating shelves  filled with books and a built-in reading corner in the center. It can be custom-built into the wooden panels or a wall with cozy seating and pull away drawers for more storage space. Settle in with a warm blanket and a glass of wine for a relaxing read, you can also paint the sitting area in bold tones for a focal point feature that attracts instant attention.

Dramatic Wall Design:

Wall corner Shelve

Have you considered creating drama with bookshelves? If you haven’t, then try with rustic bookshelves wall mounted  in a unique pattern. Mount them in geometric shapes, montage like patterns with letters or names of your family members, or color them in shades of dark green, red or black for a pop-up factor on bare walls. They can effortlessly become wall accessories in a tight space and also establish an unmatched visual ambiance within the house.

Wrap Around Shelving:

wall book shelve

Do not confine your love for books on a single wall and cramp the space, but build in stylish gilded wooden wall storage shelves  all around the room. A 360-degree chic wall library with plush seating is a living room of dreams. Mount the shelves, wall to ceiling for fashioning a spacious dimension, color co-ordinate the books so that you can easily pick your choice. Also, the color co-ordination will blend in with the theme of the interior and maintain vibrancy in the awkward wall angles without any expensive renovation.

Combine Books and Art Work:

The ethereal combination of books and art is always a mesmerizing combination, build wall shelves that can hold both for aesthetic influence. Place your artifacts, sculptures and coffee table books on display to entice guests and loved ones into having engaging conversations. This creative arrangement can also be implemented in balconies and outdoor lounge areas where one can spend some quiet time in the company of books and admire the artworks exhibited, can develop into your mini wall mounted museum.

Love-Kankei has various styles of shelves that can enhance any given space, styling a chic library out of these wooden shelves with metallic tones will make for a stunning interior expression. They blend in with contemporary as well as traditional decor and give your space a bohemian elegant vibe.

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