5 Living Room Organize Layout Ideas

Everyone’s favorite place to hangout and the trickiest space to organize is the living room. If it is spacious and airy then an elegant interior does all the magic. But if you are a city viber and love the hustle and bustle then a tiny living room is what you get. No matter what the size of your welcome space we have some interesting tips and hacks to make it luxurious and charming.

Create a Vertical Gallery:

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When you are blessed with high ceilings and jaw-dropping vertical space take full advantage of the bare walls. Your eclectic art collection can sit with pride on the wall-mounted floating shelves. If not a connoisseur of art, then go for your family albums, DIY cute frames and mount them floor to ceiling for a dramatic effect. Pair colored with black and white generational pictures to create nostalgia. You can play around with different sizes of frames and their texture. Not a fan of multiple frames, then hang all of your photo memories on a single wooden collage frame. You will end up having more snapshots on display, it will make for an interesting feature wall.

Choice of Furniture:

For large spacious areas spread out luxe rugs with throw pillows in contrast colors. Place sectional sofa’s fashioned out leather or luxurious fabrics for corner walls and invest in building out a cozy conversation pit. Space out the furniture in different angles and corners to make room for airy movement. If you have a tight apartment living room, then furnish it with delightful love seats, small settees, winged armchairs, upholstered ottoman, seating with extra storage space and daybed.

Set the Tone with Lights:

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A windowless or living room with dim natural lighting will always feel suffocated, hence add a strategic ceiling and floor lighting. A large chandelier neatly placed above the lounge area will keep things bright and eye-catchy. Place lights under the wood picture photo frames  for an art deco feel, plus they can highlight the wall exhibits and convert into mood lighting during the night. Floor lamps near the entry and exit points of the living room add to the convivial ambiance.

Mirror on the Wall:

A sunburst fashioned mirror hanging on the rampart behind the seating area gives a satiric background. While a floor to ceiling mirror with a delicately patterned frame in gold tones placed in a tiny living room magnifies the dimensions of the space and makes the room look larger in size. To create a beautiful illusion place the mirror opposite the window, it will reflect the scenery and light from outside, making it feel like an additional embellishment of the room.

Fill the corners:

corner wall decor

Do not leave the crooked spaces for cobwebs and dust instead of de-clutter your living room by placing rustic wall shelves  strategically in the corners. Fill it with lots of money plants, lucky bamboo shoots, and other fragrant flowers. They will not only keep the area fresh but also dust-free. A compact reading nook too can be generated by mounting books in corner shelves. You will have your own small library in a space-constrained urban apartment.

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