Evergreen Textures & Colors to Accentuate Your Space with Corner wall display

Shelving is the latest interior trend to watch out for; homeowners are going in for contemporary as well as vintage shelving. But this interior theme is not just for feature walls, it has expanded beautifully into making corner spaces more attractive and practical. We have come up with some inspirational tips and tricks to acquire extra storage through your corner space by installing aesthetically angled shelves.

Quirk Element:

Wall corner shelve

Corners have that quirk element and you can build eccentric shelves in that space. They can be of various shapes, designs, themes, and sizes. Either fill the entire wall space with wooden corner shelves  or just space them out visually at a hands length distance from the floor to display a variety of things. Give them a touch of geometric, hexagonal, mid-century and minimalist shapes as per your taste and style.

Color Combo:

Make your corners chic with wooden and metallic accented shelves that blend in with the color theme of the room. If the room is shaded dark, then add colorful objects for display on the corner wall shelves. This vibrant assortment of goodies will add the natural pop in the space. If the room has been shaded in pastels then the wooden-metallic shelves will appear to float on the wall texture, if the wall is plain, then add eye-catchy graphic wallpaper that rings in a bold ambiance with comfortable furniture. Add picture frames with a white border, artifacts in golden and mesmerizing tones on the shelf when the walls are painted in light hues.

bed room corner shelves


Corners are forever dull and out sight, but make them interesting by installing DIY painted shelves. They can become an interesting feature as wall shelves for bedroom, have a green thumb? Then make sure your bedroom remains fragrant by putting a potted collection of flower plants on the corner shelf. Or if you are a nature freak then having air-purifying plants in the bedroom corner shelf is an amazing way to keep dust and pollutants at bay. This can also be utilized in the kitchen for creating your own exotic potted herb garden.

Laurel corner:

A magnanimous personality requires an admirable number of display shelves for collectibles, whether it is in, displaying awards and trophies, artwork as an artist, books for an avid reader and writer, travel photographs for an unconventional traveler and sometimes great nostalgic pieces from the family collection.

wall decoratives shelves

Love- KANKEI has an evergreen selection when it comes to wooden shelves, they are equipped to look artistic and a pioneer when it comes to daily utility. Elegant for holding delicate vases and even your precious china collection in the kitchen. These shelves also come in handy while adding personal touches with collages and other items in your living space. For the corner space, these are perfect due to their flexible size and effortless installation features. The sand-colored texture of the wood and the black metal support make them look stylish for any themed setting on the walls.

Now give in a designer touch to your shabby corners with these dynamic shelving accessories by Love-Kankei. Accentuate your space into a luxury pad with extra storage and creative feature without breaking the bank.


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