Striking Kitchen Decor and Organizer Backsplash Ideas!

An elegantly styled kitchen seems like a dream for city dwellers who live in a box sized apartments. The clutter that can accumulate on the counter tops is never ending, but with Love Kankei decor items one can design a chic space for cooking. We have some cool tips on how to create a functional and organized kitchen with these amazing interior products.

Kitchen pot rack

Reused work table

The old work table is perfect with plenty of drawer space for spoons and other cutlery items. Reuse the wooden splendor as an island and prep corner for meals as well, place it in the middle of the kitchen for maximum space utilization. It can also turn out into a cozy breakfast nook by the window.

Cheap Backsplash

You always don’t have to use expensive tiles as a set up for the backsplash, an effortless way to make your kitchen look stylish is to adorn the wall with in-the-budget wallpaper. These can be peeled off easily when you need to upgrade them. Make it look interesting by adding floating wooden wall shelves, thus creating extra storage for daily utensils over the counter. You can also turn it into a tea/coffee station for kickstarting your morning.

Upscaled Bar

Lack a bar and entertaining space? Fret not installing hanging storage shelves on the passage way wall to the kitchen will instantly turn it into a festive zone. Adorn the shelves with all of your mixology items, books on cocktails, wine glasses, bottles and fine dining plates. You will find this super chic in a tiny spaced apartment, it can also be the ideal zone for snacks counter during a house party.

Display the Pots

Don’t hide away your pots and pans under heavy cabinetry work, instead show them off on the wall by hanging them on the striking pot rack. Make it visually attractive by placing the daily utensils in order of height, use color scheme, a fun theme or geometric patterns. These can embellish the walls in dimensions and give an eye-catchy effect making the kitchen look inviting and well organized.


Add a bit of character to the walls by adding antique wooden spice storage shelves running under the ceiling. This gives ample of space to store all the spice jars and even nurture a kitchen garden complete with pots of green spices. An excellent spot to keep cookie jars, homemade jams, pickle jars and even pet food items. The space below the ceiling makes for a country style pantry storage too. Thus giving a city kitchen the luxury of added space.


Customize the look of your backsplash by adding tiny frames on the walls, this can be artwork, family pictures, pages of recipes in a glass frame and even photographs from your vacations. This creates a sense of nostalgia and makes for interesting conversation starters, while cooking delicious meals.

Thus Love Kankei interior items are the best to fashion out a striking kitchen, it makes your cooking space the ideal juxtaposition of contemporary aesthetics and country charm.

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