7 Things Make Your House Look Professionally Decorated!

Sometimes we need professional guidance to create the right ambience in our homes. But this can be done with shoe string budget as well, Love Kankei interior items have the knack of creating a luxurious ambience with their unique design and quality. We have come up with some inspirational tips on making your home look professionally decorated with these gorgeous interior decor.

Wall Shelf

1. Impressive entryway

First impressions are the last, while you may decorate your living space and the other rooms in the house, it is equally important to glam up the entryway. Paint the door in bold or vibrant hues to create a striking ambience to enter. Doll up the empty walls in the entryway with light reflecting mirrors, art work in a shadowbox  and floating shelves that can adorn intricate decor items. Scale the pieces on eye-level style and set up a gorgeous way to welcome guests.

2. Visual trick

Lights are an everlasting illuminating pieces that allow powerful illusions and mind games when it comes to making your space look larger. Apply this technique with rustic hanging shelves in the kitchen, give it a touch of gallery style with focus lighting above and below the wooden shelves. Embellish the shelves with spice jars, snack counters, daily utensils and pantry items. Make it look glamorous with colored beams that change according to the mood and occasion.

3. Metallic

Throw in some metallic lustre inside your bathroom by installing copper or gold colored hooks. City spaces are tight and need immediate bathroom storage shelves that can store away daily items, but most of the time we lack concrete space. Hence hooks are handy when it comes to hanging bath robes, towels, vanity baskets containing shower items and also dainty potted plants.

  1. Moveable Closet

How much do we lack closet space for bags, shoes and other small items? Now create a moveable closet with the help of 5 tier corner shelves that can be installed into bare walls. Effortlessly conceable and chic when you move your home anytime, these shelves can be used as extra storage space. Flexible with metallic and wooden body, they are free from rust and damage.

  1. Supply caddy

Cleaning supplies normally lie lazily under kitchen sinks, make use of the window sill space and create an elegant caddy with floating wall shelves. Store away the rubber gloves, cans, detergents, sprays, disinfectants and also tissue papers on these shelves. An efficient means of keeping countertops and floor coverings clean from clutter.

  1. Door gallery

If you are into minimalism and yet love exhibiting your photography skills, then hanging photoframes behind the door is not a bad idea. This might look unusual and eccentric, especially if you are into the hobby of clicking plenty of pictures and lack the proper space to display them all. It can be themed based set up with pictures from your last vacation, nature, colors, and portraits of your loved ones.

  1. Drapes

Nothing like a luxurious set of drapes on the window, chose royal fabrics like silk and velvet if you want to instantly uplift the mood of the room and make it look like a castle. Bold motifs and prints are the trend and golden hues for windows are like sophistication personified. Dress your window sill with green plants and sculpted art work to make your space magical.

Create stunning nooks with Love Kankei designs and build a living area full of nostalgic memories. Your home will come with the professional touch that you so crave to make it look classy.


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