Green-Filled Display for Serious Decor Inspiration!

Green symbolizes prosperity and abundance in many cultures, the in corporation of serious green decor in your homes will balance positivity throughout. With Love-Kankei interior objects one can design, create and fill the home with rich emerald tones. We bring in a few easy tips and tricks to play with this affluent color and fashion a sophisticated space for oneself.

Wall Shelve

Painting it smooth

Pistachio tones bring in the warmth, especially if you have large windows that reflect natural light. Use this soothing color tone to paint the walls, cabinets in the kitchen, cupboards in the bedroom or even the staircase. Add vintage wallpaper to make the effect eye-catchy, with rustic hanging shelves decorate the walls with artwork, collectibles, old vinyl records, black and white frames and family mementoes. Giving it a sense of personal style. Make the space, elegant with Victorian furniture and a warm Persian rug on the floor.

Abstract in the Bathroom

Have you ever thought about turning your bathroom into a state-of-art gallery? Hanging abstract works of art in green gives a rich twist to the bare walls of your toilet. Pair these paintings with floating bathroom storage shelves, fill it up with exotic natural oils, aromatic candles, spa essentials and bathing accessories. Match the theme with green marble vanity counter tops. Make your bathroom look high end by adding a tall plant in the corner, thus bringing in the vibrance of the outdoors.

Bathroom Wall Storage

Cup Collection

How many of us crave to have a dainty cup collection in the kitchen? Well, if you are an avid collector of vintage tea cups, mugs or serving bowls which are in the tones of green, then adding a 5 tier corner shelf is the best idea. Not only does it utilize the corner space effectively, but also adds up as an extra storage unit. You can also effortlessly set up a day bar in the corner complete with wine bottles and glasses. If you are someone who loves to entertain, then these wooden shelves are the perfect decorative accessories for storing in party items.

Emerald Jewels

Love to show off your new emerald necklace or the latest bracelet in green tone? Then installing display wall shelves is the ideal way to exhibit your heirloom or personal jewelry collection. Have you ever thought about having a dazzling headboard? Place all of your greenish jewels on glass enclosed shelves above your bed. Add in some mood lighting under these shelves and create a luxurious ambience that both extravagant and high class.

Wall Shelves ideas


Besides being a natural refresher in each room, plants, make all things bright and beautiful. If you are looking for minimal redecoration and lack the appropriate budget, then you can simply place stunning pots of green plants all around the house. A spice garden in the kitchen, air-purifying plants in the living room, cool flowers on the dining table and a collection of cacti on wooden floating shelves on the entrance walls. All of these make your home look inviting and peaceful.

Thus Love Kankei allows you to romance the color green with any theme palette. Making your home space a lush experience to vibe with.  

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