Stay safe! Easter special decoration ideas

Stay home stay safe is the only thing that will help you to fight this pandemic. I know that it is difficult to stay at home doing absolutely nothing. Why not utilize this time to do some creative things? You can decorate your house for Easter. In the earlier blogs, we have discussed many decorative ideas with you which you can implement throughout the year. In this blog, we will be sharing Easter special decoration ideas. In this time let your inner little creative architect take charge of you and decorate your house with the items that are already available in your house, without stepping out of the house.

We all think decorating your house means buying expensive decorative items that will add an extra flair to your house. But let me tell you this is right. I mean you can repurpose your items that are available in the house completely in a different way. This where you have to showcase your creative side.

So now brighten up your home’s entry with a colorful Easter wreath. So, let us discuss some decorative ideas that you can utilize to decorate your house:

Cute Door-hangers

You can create a cute, cotton-bottomed door hanger using two embroidery hoops, pastel fabrics, and ribbon and you can finish it by polishing it off with pretty, faux pearl embellishment. These things are readily available in your home, so you can utilize it by turning it into a creative idea where you can create a cute door hanger without spending much money.

Tinker with Antique Treasures

You can take out your treasured spring and summer tchotchkes and can style them with colorful, fresh-cut blooms. You will adore the way this vibrant showcase features a pair of pretty, vintage birds, glossy white patches and an antique milk glass vase. These things are readily available in your house so you do not have to step out of your house to create that Easter feeling. It is very important to rethink and reuse things before disposing of them. Sometimes the items that you are planning to dispose of can turn out to be creative home decoration items.  

Decorate your tables for this Easter

Infuse your coffee table or kitchen counter with Easter spirit by displaying fresh flowers. Again these items are easily available and you do not have to spend much money on this. To give it a more expensive look you can have a hydrangea that features a rustic wire basket and pastel egg base. This will help you give the feeling of the Easter festival and you can complete it with minimum spending.

Corner of your room

Earlier we have discussed how the corner of your room can be decorated beautifully by using minimum items. Do you know you can display some of your collection by displaying them on 5 tier corner-shelf? To add more drama to your corners you can arrange LED lights that will be highlighting the shelf. You can also go for some colorful dramatic LED lights that will create a mood.

I hope this blog will be of great help to decorate your house this Easter. Try these ideas and keep yourself engaged and happy.

Happy Easter!



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