7 Living Room ideas You should Upgrade in Spring!

As we all know that the fear of pandemic is taking the entire world down. During this time washing your hands at regular intervals will not suffice. At the same time taking care of your home and keeping it clean should also become your priority.

Having said that, cleaning and disinfecting your house every day might sound boring to you! With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we have skipped the fact that spring has started. In the last paragraph, we have already discussed some styles and ideas of home décor during the spring. Today we are going to discuss some ideas about how to upgrade your living room in spring.

Do you know the best way to welcome a new season is with seasonally-appropriate decorations? Now that you have ample time to keep your house clean, tidy and clutter-free, it is time to give your space a seasonal makeover rather than spring makeover. You can get many spring décor ideas in order to upgrade your living room along with your kitchen and master bedrooms. Most of these easy-to-replicate ideas include fresh paint colors, pastel accents and straight-from-your-garden florals to dress any space in its Easter best.

So, when it comes to popular living room ideas of the moment, we have got plenty of ideas. It is the room we relax in after a long day at work, assemble and entertain in at the weekends and binge-watching the latest movie on your home theatre. What I mean is that the design of your living room should be carefully thought out to reflect your own flawless interior styles and how you want to enjoy it.

To further delight you we have shared some ideas from coolest color trends to much-loved classics or latest contemporary styles.

Redesigning or upgrading your space not always mean having a complete overhaul in the market so that you can pick up some cool items to upgrade your living space for the seasonal makeover. All you need is to have some coolest ideas that will give your house a quick, budget-friendly refresh using items that you already have at your house. Repurposing those items, you can actually give some impeccable and jaw-dropping makeover to your living space,

So, let us take a quick look at those ideas that can give your new and refresh makeover

Bright lights:

Lighten up your space with bold yellow light fixtures and add decorative accents in a similar hue. You can try lemon and yellow tulips to match. It can give a fresh touch to your living room.

Rainbow Glassware:  

You can get hands-on some grandma’s attic to find candy-colored stem glasses to put on display. You can display these glasses living room wall shelf adding extra charm to the entire décor of your living room. For further beauty, you can assemble them by color, height, or any other way that is soothing to your eyes and give the exact feeling of spring.

Floral walls: 

This is what signifies the season, giving some floral touch to your walls of the living room can give you the feel of spring. Rather than painting down the walls of your house which is tedious and time-consuming as well, you can peel-and-stick wallpaper in a simple way to turn a blank wall into an Instagram and Pinterest-worthy accent piece. Consider it as a chic upgrade to grandma’s flower-covered wall.

Pastel Hues Galore:

First things first! The very first thing you need to do is to replace your dark, winter-appropriate accessories with Easter-ready pastels. For this, you can use robin’s egg blue, soft pink, and lemon yellow may scream spring out loud. These colors are also soothing to eyes and appropriate for warm weather as well. So, you don’t need to replace them in summers.

DIY Rope Mirror: 

You must be aware that mirrors have a way of opening up space, making it look – and feel – larger than it really is. You can get this makeover done in your living room in order to make your living room look spacious. You can pair it with rustic hanging wall shelves nearby, to bring out the actual spring look.

Bright yellow Accessories:

For visual and sunshine treatment to give the touch of spring you can also incorporate yellow curtains, flowers, and decorative items.

Plant-covered shelves:

You can update any blank wall in your living room by hanging wall mounted corner shelf of similar color and decorating with faux plants in color-coordinated planters.

Yes! These are the some coolest and less-budget ideas that you can implement in order to upgrade your living room. Hope these blog will be your guide in giving a charming makeover to your dark and gloomy living room.

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