6 Marvellously Eccentric Wall Decoration Ideas 2020

Who wants to live in a plain white box? However, sometimes spending a fortune or art just isn’t an option that can be considered. The alternative? You can repurpose the items that already have into decorative items and creating your own piece of art to display on the wall. Plain white walls I presume will fail to draw the attention of people visiting your house.

With some creative wall decoration ideas, you can give a beautiful makeover to your white, plain, and mundane walls. If you think that spending a lot of money to give your white walls a terrific transformation, then you are thinking wrong. Owing to make some impressive and lingering images of your wall in the minds of your guests you need to come up without the box ideas.

Out of the box, ideas don’t always mean spending a huge amount of money on decorative items. You can reuse and repurpose items such as framing your children’s work to create your own wall hanging. You can even transform your plain white wall into a wall of memories by hanging the precious moment of your life on the wall. If you are an artist then you can also take up the challenge of displaying your painting skills on the wall – thereby giving a creative touch to your walls.  

Before driving further, let us take a quick look at the wall decor ideas that can transform your monotonous wall into an Instagram-worthy asset.

Porcelain gallery

It is not necessary that your plain white walls always have to be boring. If you have an extensive China collection, you can put them up on your white walls for all to see. This idea is new extraordinary giving your wall an antique touch and giving the feel of Chinese culture to your home decoration.  It can be an unexpected twist to the classic gallery wall look.

Fabric wall hanging

If you are fond of vintage style and you have a vintage area rug or quilt which you haven’t used it at all., you can repurpose it by hanging it on the wall. It will add an extra drama to your boring and usual walls.

Children’s Art

Yes, this can become your favorite wall decoration if you have children at home. You can frame children’s best masterpieces and showcase them with pride. This can become a unique decorative idea for your wall decoration. This can be no comparison to all modern wall decoration items available in the market. It can look more refined if it is done professionally with clean modern frames and then arrange them in a classic-floor-to-ceiling grid. For further making the subject interesting you can frame them with wooden picture frames with clips. This will add extra beauty and touch of professionalism to your children’s art.

Clipped art

If you live in a minimalist environment, then you can buy this idea. For this, you don’t need to spend a big amount of money. You can simply tack up a photograph you love, frame-free. This way, you won’t damage any artwork but you can go frameless.

Floating shelves

Apart from decorating your wall with wall arts or any kind of photo frames, you can also go ahead with the idea of mounting 5 tier corner shelf which you can further decorate it with rainbow glassware set adding a colorful definition to your plain boring walls.

Mirror Gallery

How about putting up a mirror gallery in your living room. It can be a twist on the typical galley wall! You can turn the wall into a gallery wall of antique hand mirrors. Clustered together, these simple, eclectic mirrors function as an art that can reflect light beautifully. For this, you can have various kinds and sizes of hand mirrors. This can become your choice owing to decorate your boring living room wall.

These lists of ideas can be really helpful to decorate the walls of your house. I hope it will be a delight to go through these ideas and implement them while decorating your room. So, its time that you give your walls a classic and artistic makeover.

Happy decoration!

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